Concierge Services

New Delhi
Concierge Services - New Delhi
Bird ExecuJet Airport Services Private Limited

E-9, Connaught House, Connaught Place
New Delhi – 110 001, India

Tel: +91 95 6001 5131

[email protected]

With an ever increasing demand of luxury and niche services, Bird ExecuJet has taken a leap ahead by becoming India’s first and finest FBO, MRO and Concierge Service provider.

To support operations and with the key intention of raising the services boutique, Bird ExecuJet now offers many niche services, both on Airside and Landside. Our Services and Quality are of highest standards and our rates are globally competitive. We are a right blend of services, standards and expectations.

Please contact us for planning and booking niche and exclusive services-on-demand.

  • Dishwashing Services *
  • Replacement Services O/B- Toiletries, Paper Napkins, Tissue Papers, Disposable Cutlery, Magazines, Mints and Chocolates, Hand Sanitizers, Juices, Mints, Headsets, Wet Tissue Papers etc.
  • Hot/Cold Towels
  • Refrigeration/Cold Storage Services *
  • Ice/Dry Ice Requirement Services *
  • Dry Storage Services
  • Drinking Water Bottle Services
  • Newspaper and Snack Services
  • Fresh Flowers Services
  • Linen Change/Cleaning Services
  • Hangarage/Night Halt Stands
  • Aircraft Cleaning/Aircraft Exterior Wash/Aircraft Deep Cleaning
  • International Trash and Waste Services
  • Laundry Services

Coordination through airport approved catering supplier