Charter Corporate Jet Comfort

30 August 2021

Charter Corporate Jet Comfort

Comfort Begins Aboard a Charter Corporate Jet


Many people make much of flying first class, without realising there are similarly priced alternatives that thrash any commercial airline offering hands down. If the last 100 years was the “me” century, this has to be the “smart me” century. Life is digital, faster, and smarter, and some regular market participants are having their hour as the world awakes to bigger and better possibilities. Prime amongst those who are finding that the world is catching up and catching on to their idea of business, is the charter corporate jet industry.

Long a staple of those in the know, charter corporate flight today has many wondering why it took them so long to get here. The difference between first-class commercial and private flight, is like the difference between booking a table and owning the restaurant. As a client booking a table, you can expect great service within the confines of the business premises. As the owner, you can knock the roof off, turn it upside down, serve only seafood and cake, whatever you want to do to make it really your own. That’s the difference with charter corporate jet hire.


Personal Flight Redefines Service


That’s the thing about charter corporate jets-it’s flight centred on you. It’s your jet. That, is the level of service you can expect aboard a charter flight. Absolute comfort, copious luxury, exquisite cuisine. Every other option comes close in its mimicry, but nothing but a chartered jet revolves exclusively around you. With chartered corporate jet rentals, slow lounges become luxury lounges, getting around, getting there, and getting home all become non-concerns, and luggage handling and queues disappear.


To the yet to be enlightened, nothing is quicker and comes with better value for money than a direct route. While others might have the time to float around the skies on a commercial airline’s set routes, chartered corporate jets value your time. Private flight concerns will ferry you to the airfield, get you on board in a minute or two, and stow all your luggage too. There are no logistical concerns that you can experience that the company will not resolve-it’s truly an end-to-end service!


Luxaviation Leads the Way in Airborne Luxury


When you’re ready to up your flight experience, call on Luxaviation to get you airborne. We’ve built up a fleet of modern jets that service our international clientele, and we’ve even established a flight hospitality academy, in case you’re wondering why our kitchen gets such rave reviews. We’re smart, professional, and hugely competitive, making us first choice for those who want to maintain their pace and sense of style.


Call on us when next you want to have a truly enjoyable and superior flight experience. We’ll happily show you our amenities dotted around the planet and show you just how quick and comfy a charter corporate jet can be. Call Luxaviation to experience what personalised, private flight is all about.

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