Charter Corporate Jet Travel at Its Best

30 August 2021

Charter Corporate Jet Travel at Its Best

Business is Always Better When You Charter a Corporate Jet


Business in the modern era has become smarter and more digital, it’s true, but anyone who thinks that translates into “easier” is mistaken. If anything, time is more of the essence than ever before, and modern commerce and industry demand a sharp and quick response unlike in any former era. Moreover, despite the tremendous abilities manifest in remote collaboration, conferencing and communication, the value of in-person presence has escalated, probably precisely because of such easy remote work.

Showing up is special, productive and often the most profitable route to keeping business humming smoothly. It is no wonder then that many business professionals charter a corporate jet to meet their global commitments on time and in style. Indeed, once you charter a corporate jet for the ease, speed and comfort it provides, most wonder how they ever sacrificed a day or more to simply getting there! Commercial airlines have also been somewhat stymied by the global lockdown, meaning many carriers have reduced or eliminated schedules, offering even fewer options to arrive at your destination when you need it most.


It Makes Financial Sense to Charter a Corporate Jet


Of course, some companies own jets, and while there might be a tussle at times over conflicting schedules, they’re very much sorted for speedy global travel. For the majority of companies, commercial flights are dwindling as an option, and very often the time and effort lost in having to arrive hours before a flight, queue with others and stick to an airline’s schedule is far more costly than to simply charter a corporate jet. Entrepreneurs and business executives derive the most value from chartering a corporate jet and often pay less than commercial Business Class when the cost is split amongst the number of company executives on board.

When looking at C-suite executives, a quick comparison between the group of executives flying Business Class or a chartered corporate jet might be surprising. Of course, for a host of other reasons, the experience of private flight is incomparable with anything a commercial airline has to offer, and probably the most compelling value can be found in your ability to completely control your affairs on a private flight. There is no obligation to accommodate others. It’s just straight to business while enjoying luxury services to boot.


Luxaviation is Charter Corporate Jet Travel at Its Best


Luxaviation maintains a reputable position in the private flight fraternity, and we make sure your business travels will be some of your fondest memories. Superb service on the ground is met with exceptional service when in flight, and our menu and refreshment options offer a premium culinary experience on their own.

When next you need to travel for work commitments, ensure that you do so quickly, easily and luxuriously. Call on us to learn what we can offer our corporate fliers. We are ready and waiting for your itinerary, and we will map it out in style and luxury, making for the most effective and swiftest business dealings when time and money count.

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