Charter Flights Cost Less

30 August 2021

Charter Flights Cost Less

Charter Flights Are Becoming Simple Common Sense


While charter flights are already the only way to travel for many professionals and entrepreneurs, many more have yet to discover just how cost-effective and rewarding charter flights can be. Businesspeople can continue doing business in the air, while a private jet whisks them towards their destination. In fact, if anything, most charter flight customers probably have a more productive day in the office on the days they fly, than at any other time!

A big part of that is the fact that everything is handled for you as a private charter flight customer. In fact, charter flights are like having a PA who’s also a pilot! There is no more sensible and cost-effective way to get around directly and quickly than with a private chartered jet flight. Especially as globally commercial airline companies are shrinking options in a bid to stay afloat, charter flights are an almost otherworldly alternative, as personal and pleasant as getting into your own vehicle at home.


Charter Flights Cost Less for What They Provide


Probably the biggest difference between those who enjoy regular private flight and the rest, is the notion of escaping the given paradigm. Innovation in private flight begins with the desire to make things better, and that means personalised service and reaching a lot further with that service than the average commercial airline passenger dares to imagine. Commercial air travel is the given paradigm, but no one said you have to settle for that as an experience!


Charter clients often simply need to get somewhere fast for business purposes, but they’re also a group of people who have escaped traditional thinking, done the maths, and realised just how cost-effective private charter flights can be. When you add each and every detail to a commercial flight’s costs, you can see why charter flights have become standard for so many more people over the last few years. Add to that the shrinking offering from commercial airlines, and you have very compelling reasons to get into a jet exclusively your own next time around, and shave a huge amount of hassle off air travel forever more.


Luxaviation Charter Flights Are a Different Experience Entirely


For the novice, nothing will demonstrate the gulf between commercial and charter flights than climbing aboard a Luxaviation jet. We’re at the top of the private flight game, and we lead the way when it comes to quality and extent of service, as well as all the frills of charter flying. Our mid-air cuisine is legendary, and our commitment to punctual performance at every step of your journey is what sets us apart.


Escape the humdrum of commercial flight and escape the notion that it’s all that flight should be. Get on board a Luxaviation charter flight, and you’ll see why so many try us once and never fly any other way ever again!

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