Choose a VIP Jet Charter

25 November 2021

Choose a VIP Jet Charter

Choose a VIP Jet Charter and Travel in Style

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, a VIP jet charter is bound to get you to your location in style. Our state-of-the-art business jets boast sophistication and unparalleled comfort, allowing clients to leave their worries at the door the moment they step on board. When you utilise our VIP chartered jet services, you are guaranteed the following benefits and more:

  • Stress-free travel: One of the main perks of hiring a VIP jet charter is the fact that you won't have to worry about any of the conventional airport stressors. Say goodbye to busy queues, lengthy security checks, cramped seats, and noisy passengers, and say hello to comfort, luxury, and calm. Chartering a jet offers you a comfortable way to get from point A to B without disrupting your peace or adding extra stress to your day. This also means that you can continue with business as usual - transforming your VIP jet into your very own office.
  • A personalised trip: Charters trips are highly personalised, and we will take everything into account, from the type of cuisine you prefer to your favourite fine wine. You can also choose an aircraft that speaks to you in terms of interior design. Explore our extensive fleet and find a VIP craft that ticks all the boxes and more. Since you'll curate the flight, you can also choose who gets on board or bring your pet along.
  • Privacy galore: Privacy looms large when you opt for a VIP jet charter. No longer do you have to worry about fellow passengers listening in on your conversations. This means that you can conduct meetings with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that conversations and meetings remain confidential. Moreover, if you're a private type who wants to avoid the public eye (or the dreaded middle seat!), private charters are a brilliant choice, allowing you anonymity.

Travel with Confidence when You fly with the Luxaviation Group

The Luxaviation Group will take you to great heights when you travel with our superior planes. Explore our extensive fleet and book a VIP aircraft if you're ready to enjoy premium on-board amenities and travel in style. We pride ourselves on excellent client service and optimal safety, ensuring that every craft adheres to all safety regulations. If you are ready to fly premium, then get in touch today, and we will gladly plan a bespoke flight that meets your every need.

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