Empty Leg Flights

21 April 2022

Empty Leg Flights

Empty Leg Flights – Travel Private for Less


Empty leg flights offer travellers a fantastic way to enjoy private air travel, especially if they have flexible schedules and can up and go at the drop of a hat. Empty leg flights are those which fly without passengers on board in order to reposition in their usual location. Since these flights are not occupied, they end up costing aviation companies a great deal in terms of time and fuel. As such, companies advertise empty leg flights to offset some of the expenses, all the while offering passengers a world-class aviation experience. In our books, this makes them a win-win situation for all.


  1. Avoid busy crowds: Empty leg flights have all of the perks of private travel. Enjoy the serenity and calm of smaller airports and private crafts. This is great for those wanting to travel without the chaos of bustling airports and offers travellers the chance to catch up on work or some rest while mid-air. Since these jets usually leave from smaller airports, they also allow travellers to skip busy queues, passport checks, and lengthily drives to busy airports.


  1. Enjoy possible savings: Empty leg flights might come with some discounts on occasion, allowing travellers to enjoy a private jet experience without the hefty price tag associated with regular private charters. While cost savings aren't always guaranteed, it is certainly worth exploring.


  1. Embrace luxury travel: Empty leg charters include all the luxury and glamour of private charters, offering travellers a bespoke travel experience where they can genuinely revel in sophistication and style. Enjoy Luxaviation’s premium selection of fine wines, and appreciate the luxury of a fine-dining experience onboard. Pick your favourite foods and create a truly unique experience. When you charter a jet, your holiday begins from the moment you step onboard.


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If you’re ready to explore Luxaviation’s Empty Leg Flights, check out the available options here. These charters offer travellers a plethora of fantastic advantages, including major time savings, privacy, premium service, and the ability to travel in style. If you have a pet that travels with you, it's also an excellent way to take them to various locations without the stress of commercial travel.


For more information on our extensive fleet, send us an email to [email protected]. We will gladly answer any queries and advise on the best options for your travel dates and destination.

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