Empty Leg Flights

25 October 2020

Empty Leg Flights

Empty Leg Flights: Discover a New Way of Travelling in Comfort

If you are a discerning traveller who appreciates high levels of comfort and privacy while travelling the world, there is potentially another way for you to travel in style, at a lower rate than you may expect. If you have not heard of empty leg flights, then read on to discover a new way of travelling that might change the way you look at air travel.

What are empty leg flights?

These refer to trips that jets are required to take, but which are not scheduled to carry passengers. There are a number of reasons why these trips are required, which usually includes the necessity for an aircraft to return to its base after completing a scheduled mission or trip, or to head to a destination from where its next mission is scheduled.

Even though no passengers are scheduled for empty leg flights, it is still possible to secure a seat on such a flight, allowing you to enjoy a private travel experience. In fact, you get to enjoy the absolute comfort and luxury of a private flight, usually at a much lower rate.

As can be expected, there are conditions attached to taking advantage of empty leg flights. Whereas a regular chartered private flight is booked and planned around your convenience when it comes to your schedule, the empty leg flights offer less flexibility. However, if you are not on a tight schedule, there really is no other downside to choosing this method of travelling. You get all the luxury and elegance of a private flight at a very attractive rate.

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