European Business Aviation Solidarity Initiative

As being one of the larger global operators we aim to assist with administrative and procurement resources that smaller operators are potentially lacking during lockdown and so we decided to step up and launch this industry initiative.  

EBASI - European Business Aviation Solidarity Initiative

At Luxaviation Group, we have a set of 12 Values which we believe in strongly. These Values involve, amongst others, ‘Responsibility’ and ‘Respect’.

We take these Values very seriously and feel that in a time of crisis we must live up to them. We have a responsibility to our clients, partners and to the industry in general.

With immediate effect and for all European Business Jet Operators, we are making some of our resources available for free for the next 3 months by sharing our procurement office, our purchasing power and our administrative resources with those operators who wish. Beside getting access to all documents required to be sent to authorities and other agencies alike to reduce costs, this EBASI initiative shall allow any participating jet operator, to enjoy (where possible) the same pricing that Luxaviation Group gets from suppliers as well as to take advantage of the Luxaviation Group’s payment terms.

Any operator who feels under threat in the upcoming weeks, do not hesitate to give us a call (or write an e-mail). We cannot perform miracles, but we will do out best to be of assistance! This initiative prevents any operator to reinvent the wheel and allows the participating operators to focus their limited resources on keeping their clients and assets safe.

We also invite EBAA to join this EBASI initiative. EBAA could help with their financial resources to set up a ‘guarantee fund’, to discuss with CAA, Eurocontrol as well as various European Institutions to make sure that the rescue funds are flowing. Once EBAA is ready and on-board, we would be very much inclined to put EBASI under their supervision/coordination.

(this invitation can be downloaded and seen HERE )

Finally, we also invite the suppliers and the larger operators that have not yet been contacted to join this effort!

If you are interested, please get in touch with our Chief Operations Officer, Joao Casimiro or Group President of Wholesale, Christophe Lapierre at or by filling out the form below.

Once you have filled out the form and hit send, our team will be able to contact you.

(Letter template for airports and CAA, Eurocontrol can be obtain from our dedicated team or below the form)

We will also aim to include non-European Operators as best as possible.

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2. Scope of Assistance

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Letter template for Eurocontrol

 Letter template for Eurocontrol DOWNLOAD

Letter template for airports and CAA

Letter template for airports and CAA DOWNLOAD

Press release for the launch of EBASI