Superior Aircraft Management For Jet Owners.

For private jet owners, Luxaviation’s management service is expertly engineered to save time, money and inconvenience. It also ensures an owner’s utilisation of the aircraft is more enjoyable, because everything is as it should be. With a managed fleet of more than 250 aircraft, we understand better than other management companies how to make aircraft ownership a good thing.

Entrusting your most valuable asset to Luxaviation enables you to leave all administrative and operational aspects of owning a private jet to us. You maintain the flexibility of ownership, but benefit fully from our administrative and financial control, and from our strict adherence to regulatory standards of aircraft maintenance and safety.

  • Getting The Best Return From Aircraft Ownership

    When an aircraft isn’t being used by its owner, it can be generating revenue as a private charter jet. Charter is the other arm of our business, which means we have a constant stream of demand from clients who need to get from A to B in Europe, often on a daily basis. The economies of scale that come from the size of our operation help to generate a better return for aircraft owners.

  • Superior Asset Protection

    Owners who entrust the management of their private jet to us are wisely protecting its value. Our engineering team can provide pre-flight servicing, solve AOG (aircraft on ground) issues quickly, and provide dedicated line-maintenance services according to the relevant aviation guidelines and regulations. To ensure quality maintenance and the best possible safety, reliability and performance, we employ the most skilled and knowledgeable aviation technicians in the business. The scale of our operation ensures that engineering costs represent excellent value for money. We can also use our connections to procure superior insurance at the right price.

  • Taking The Worry Out Of Aircraft Ownership

    Private jet owners can confidently leave all the administrative, operational and maintenance aspects of aircraft ownership to us. They have more time to focus on their agenda, because we do our core business so well. Many of our owners say that they wouldn’t entertain the prospect of owning an aircraft without the benefit of our management services.

  • Delivering The Highest Level Of Inflight Service

    Owners are unanimously impressed by Luxaviation aircrew and the high quality service they deliver. Our comprehensive training and induction programmes ensure crew members will consistently meet or exceed the expectations of the world’s most critical private jet travellers. The inflight service we provide is always tailored to the preferences of our passengers – cuisine, entertainment and additional services can be as unique and premium as required.

  • Total Transparency And Clear Reporting

    At any time an owner can login to view the activities of their managed aircraft. We aim to make aircraft expenses absolutely transparent because we are proud of our ability to control costs. What’s more, if an aircraft is earning income through charter flights, owners can see exactly how much and how often. We will generate succinct and accurate reports for any requirement.

  • Equal attention to management and charter

    The symbiotic relationship between our charter and management operations - where each needs the other for success - demands personnel with a precise balance of expertise. Within our leadership, operational and service teams we have a unique blend of knowledge, skills and experience that is helping us to out-perform competitors on the most important metrics.