Finding a Corporate Jet

21 April 2022

Finding a Corporate Jet

Things to Consider when Finding a Corporate Jet


Corporate jets offer business professionals a speedy and efficient way in which to get around. Rather than wasting time in back-to-back traffic jams or having to navigate the general chaos of mainstream airports and security checks, private corporate charters save professionals an abundance of energy and time. They also allow business folk to continue with business on board, offering absolute privacy, confidentiality, and calm. This allows those in the corporate realm to conduct business as if they were in the office, thus not missing out on any precious hours of the day. However, with so many corporate jet charters around, how do you find the best fit for you? When looking at hiring a corporate jet, ask yourself the following questions:


  1. How many passengers will be flying?


First and foremost, you need to consider the size of your party. This will determine the size of the jet that you charter. Are you travelling solo or with one or two colleagues, or will the entire team be on board? Browse crafts according to how many passengers they can hold. With our impressive range of crafts at Luxaviation, there is something for every party size.


  1. What are your baggage needs?


Next up, you will want to consider your baggage needs. Are you simply making a day trip, or will you be staying in a new city for a few days and thus need more baggage allowance? Opt for an aircraft that offers the necessary weight allowances for the baggage needs of you and your party. When browsing aircraft charters and corporate jets, this information should be readily available.


  1. Are you flying long-haul or a shorter flight?


The length of your flight will determine the type of corporate aircraft that you charter. Lighter to medium jets are ideal for shorter trips and can happily carry smaller groups. These jets can generally fly up to three hours, making them standard for professionals who need to get to local meetings within their region. Those needing to fly further distances should explore longer-range crafts. These are designed explicitly for longer-haul trips, making them ideal for bigger groups and cross-continental travel.


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