VIP Jet Charter

29 July 2020

Luxaviation VIP Jet Charter

Why a Luxaviation VIP Jet Charter Offers Seamless End-to-End Travels

For those who spend a lot of time travelling overseas, the routine task of hauling luggage and enduring crowded commercial flights quickly loses its charm. For us at the Luxaviation Group, it is not enough to just provide effortless transportation services but travels that one can look forward to. We strive to give our passengers a relaxing, scenic flight and our commitment to luxury hospitality ensures every guest on a Luxaviation charter jet feels like a VIP.

The Ultimate in Business Travel Convenience

Commercial flights, even in first class, simply do not offer the same sense of ease and convenience as a VIP jet charter. When it comes to business, we understand that time is a precious commodity, and that you are looking for just as much speed and efficiency as you are comfort. Chartering one of our aircraft means that you do not spend vital hours in airport queues, waiting for your flight, or trying to work on a noisy commercial flight. A VIP jet charter with us also means you are privy to a peaceful environment that is conducive to finishing up that project, hosting an in-flight meeting, or getting some much-needed rest before you disembark.

For passengers with demanding schedules, our flights are the best way to reduce time spent away from home. Tailored flight plans allow for multi-stop travels that include two or more destinations in a single day. Should your meeting schedules change, we accommodate your plans and ensure you never have to worry about arriving late or missing that important meeting.

Leisure Travels That Celebrate the Journey

A VIP jet charter is not just for business missions – our bespoke service excellence extends to passengers who wish to enjoy travel for pleasure too. By adding top luxury and warm hospitality to your experience, your journey will be just as memorable as that fun-filled holiday. Deluxe, comfortable seating, private and beautifully appointed cabins, and a Michelin star-quality dining experience culminate in a bespoke trip in which to lose yourself. These elements of luxury are complemented with fine wines and champagne, as well as on-board audio and video entertainment. Whether travelling alone or with friends and family, you can trust us to take care of it all.

Not only do we have one of the largest fleets of private aircraft in the world, but also decades of luxury travel experience. Travelling on a Luxaviation VIP jet charter guarantees first-class safety standards, tailored cargo requirements met, and the best way to immerse yourself in opulence while flying.

Aircraft owners rely on management expertise:
Aircraft owners rely on management expertise: