Luxury Jet Charter

25 September 2020

Luxury Jet Charter

The Ultimate Luxury Jet Charter Service in Every Way

As far as travelling in style goes, nothing beats the opulence and privacy afforded by a private jet. More than that, the experience is amplified by a professional luxury charter service that ensures that every detail is seen to, allowing you to relax and enjoy your journey in utmost comfort.

Welcome to the world of luxury travel

Luxaviation offers a comprehensive jet charter service like no other. With a history that stretches back more than half a century, we have perfected the art of travelling. Our focus is on providing an unparalleled experience to each and every client by making sure that each detail – no matter how small – works in unison to add to the comfort, pleasure and safety of our passengers.

Service excellence

Our team is passionate about what they do and approach every task with soul, creativity and love. Each member is also highly trained in the art of providing service excellence. This combination ensures that your every need is taken care of in a friendly and efficient manner.

Lounge in luxury

We believe your journey starts well before you step onto the plane. From the moment you arrive at the airport, you are enveloped in comfort as we welcome you into our lounge facilities. Luxaviation is a proud member of the Paragon Group, which is renowned for being a distinguished group of carefully vetted independent fixed base operations that provide a first-class experience for travellers across the world.

Having acquired the exclusive FBO, ExecuJet, in 2015, Luxaviation passengers now also have complete access to ExecuJet’s global network of lavish, top-tier lounges. ExecuJet’s superb facilities provide an opportunity to relax or work in a tranquil, safe, and secure environment.

Safety first

The safety and well-being of our clients is our top priority and central to our jet charter service. As the world opens up to travellers once again, we take every possible precaution to help reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus and protect our passengers and crew.

Top-class travel experiences

Our effort to drive the future of luxury travel takes us way beyond only providing private jet charter services. We believe luxury is all about the experience and the authenticity of the destination, which is why we invite you to discover our unique travel packages specially created for demanding travellers in search of the ultimate experiences around the world. To this end, Luxaviation has partnered with Continents Isolites and La Fugue to bring our clients something extra special.

For those in love with the arts, architecture, history and heritage, Luxaviation’s Cultural Experiences are certainly something to consider. For those more interested in discovering the beauty and majesty of the African veld, our Safari’s will more than suffice. As for globetrotters on the lookout for a variety of exciting and inspirational destinations, Luxaviation’s Amazing Trips should be your next port of call. See Luxaviation’s Experiences for more.

Renowned partners

To add to the richness of our service offering, we’ve partnered with some of the most revered names in luxurious accommodation and experiences to bring you exclusive deals and preferential rates, including:

  • Engel & Völkers Yachting
  • Small Luxury Hotels of the World
  • Art de Vivre
  • Private Jet Media
  • Virtuoso
  • Lauren Berger Collection

You can always rely on Luxaviation to provide a level of customer satisfaction that is simply unsurpassed in the aviation world. For more information on our luxury jet charter services and to book your new travel experience, contact Luxaviation.

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