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29 July 2020

Private Aircraft Charter Benefits

The 6 Unparalleled Benefits of Chartering a Private Aircraft

Even when flying first class, commercial travels can be a hassle. Cancelled flights and the uncertainty of the safety of one’s luggage are all too common a frustration. The only way to mitigate these stresses and ensure a safe and enjoyable flight is to partner with a private aviation operator that understands the needs of each passenger. With us at the Luxaviation Group, your private aircraft charter guarantees that not only are your travels stress-free but luxurious too. Here, we take a look at six other benefits of flying with us.

  1. A Flexible Flying Schedule

Last-minute changes when it comes to business are not rare, and you need a private aircraft charter that is going to accommodate a flexible itinerary. With us, your travels are tailored according to your needs, and we accommodate everything from last-minute schedule alterations to multi-stop missions where you can visit two or more destinations in a single day.

  1. Better Direct Access to Remote Locations

Commercial flights do not always go where passengers would like to go. A private aircraft charter, on the other hand, allows for landing at remote locations where there may not necessarily be many airport facilities or that cannot be accessed by commercial aircraft. This opens up business and leisure travel to much of the globe –

bringing passengers closer to their final destination, faster.

  1. The Luxury of Privacy

Our beautifully appointed cabins are spacious and offer enough room to rest or move about. Whether you are looking to conduct a business meeting mid-flight, keep the kids busy, or take your pet companion along, you can be sure that your privacy will be respected.

  1. Hassle-Free Travels

Dealing with crowds and congested airports is precisely the reason people choose to travel via a luxury aircraft charter. We offer private terminal access, eliminating long waiting times during check-in and unreliable luggage services. We also do not charge extra fees for oversized cargo and can also accommodate sensitive or fragile cargo. We accommodate passengers with reduced mobility requirements and commit to offering an effortless travel experience.

  1. The Best in Safety Standards

Each of our pilots conforms to stringent standards and must meet our established minimum requirements. You can be sure that the private aircraft charter you board is well-maintained and serviced according to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications.

  1. We Prioritise Your Health and Wellbeing


We ensure that our passengers and crew remain safe and healthy by implementing strict health and hygiene measures, such as regular disinfecting and cleaning regimes of all aircraft and facilities. From boarding to disembarking, your wellbeing is our top priority. A big benefit is that when you charter a private aircraft, you will know all the passengers on board. In times where gathering in large groups is discouraged, it helps when you can travel privately, and when you know and trust those you are flying with.


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