Travel with Private Charter Flights

25 November 2021

Travel with Private Charter Flights

Enjoy Luxury Air Travel with Private Charter Flights

For many people, the holiday only truly starts once the aeroplane lands and the bags have been collected. When you consider all of the hassle involved when catching a standard flight, that makes total sense. Endless security checks, long queues, fellow passenger delays, and overcrowded airport terminals do not exactly put passengers in a relaxed, holiday mindset. This is where charter flights make all the difference. Opt for a location and time that suits your travel plans and enjoy the ease of only having to arrive at your selected destination mere moments before departure. When you opt for private charters, your holiday begins when you step on board.

Chartered flights are a brilliant option for anyone who wants to arrive at their destination with comfort and style in mind. Moreover, since charter flights can be easily personalised, you can curate the trip of a lifetime, ensuring that every detail meets your expectations. Personalisation options might include:

-           A perfectly tailored menu filled with your favourite culinary delights

-           A selection of your favourite beverages and snacks

-           Onboard entertainment that features your best films and television shows

-           Fast, efficient WI-FI so you are always online

-           A desk or workstation for those all-important meetings and calls

-           Comfortable seating with ample room so that you can stretch your legs and even enjoy some blissful shuteye

When you go the private route, efficiency and reliability are guaranteed. Moreover, since the flight is entirely yours, you can invite whoever is on board, even if that ends up being your four-legged friend. When you opt for chartered flights, you also save significantly on time and don’t have to worry about the stress of crowded airports, hefty security checks, passenger delays, and misplaced baggage - all of which can sour the mood and get the holiday off to a troubling start.

We Put the Luxury in Aviation

The Luxaviation Group is one of the largest flight operators, offering clients premium jets and helicopters for business and leisure purposes. We operate over 260 aircrafts, each of which adheres to the most stringent safety and security regulations to ensure safe passage for all our clients. If you want to learn more, explore our impressive fleet and get in touch with our team. We will happily curate personalised charter flights and ensure that your every need is met. Start your holiday the moment you step on board with Luxaviation.

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