Stylish Charter Flights

30 August 2021

Stylish Charter Flights

Arriving in Style with Charter Flights


For those in the know, charter flights are an essential means of getting where you’re going quicker and in greater comfort than any other option, no matter where in the world you need to be. While some bemoan current travel restrictions and are forced to queue in order to board a commercial flight, smart travellers know that charter flights represent an escape from this unfavourable process.

However, it is more than an escape that greets passengers on charter flights. Both private charter and commercial airline passengers need to get to an airport and board a jet, but that’s where the similarities end. For starters, private charter clients can expect service to begin at home. Luxury jet companies will conveniently collect you on your scheduled time, having mapped out an entire schedule to facilitate your coming and going.


Charter Flights Embody a Stylish and Pampered Travel Experience


The upmarket lounges of First and Business Class passengers on commercial flights pale in comparison to our private lounges, which are akin to the comforts you have in your lounge at home with the added spoils of luxury service. Dawdle if you wish and avail yourself of the bespoke service offerings and top-tier food and drink in the private lounge. Alternatively, if you’re pressed for time, a minute or two is all you need to sail through the lounge on your way to boarding. Your luggage, your possessions as well as your convenience is all handled with care for you. As such, charter flights focus on shedding the admin and upping the service and style. There’s no need to queue to board a charter flight.


Once airborne, the distinction becomes even more apparent. Not only can charter flight passengers stipulate their preferences on in-flight cuisine, but they are also able to hand-select speciality items, like cakes or other confectionery, to be included on the menu. The menu is similar to that of a fine-dining restaurant, and charter flight clients typically look forward to enjoying innovative and exquisite meals aboard a private jet.


Luxaviation Tops the Charts for Sophisticated, Stylish Travel


At Luxaviation, we haven’t merely joined the fraternity of private aircraft services, we’re defining it. Our premium service offering is ranked among the best air service in the world. Our Client Service Academy produces some of the finest practices in modern aviation, and our unique approach shines through in all we do.


When next you need to arrive in style, call on Luxaviation and experience our truly personalised, exemplary charter flights. We fly to various locations worldwide, and insist on getting you to your destination in absolute comfort and style.

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