Traveling during COVID-19 - FAQs

We have had many different enquiries from exacerbated clients who have had their commercial travel plans change unexpectedly and are left wondering what their options are when booking trips. It’s no secret that confidence in booking vacations has taken a dip recently with many clients eager to continue exploring the world but convinced it’s either not possible or not worth the hassle.

Well, we’re proud that our expert team works tirelessly to provide clients with peace of mind and an A* service – because that’s what we’re all craving right now – some reliability, and we can deliver that.

Can we still travel safely during covid-19?

Yes. It is true that it is a little more complex now than it was, but that's what we're here for. Our teams have access to the most up-to-date travel information from local authorities and are equipped to navigate you through the changing world of restrictions, so you don't have to worry.

Flying privately provides an isolated travel experience, with fully sanitised VIP terminals and aircraft cabin. Our crews are also tested regularly and strictly uphold all safety standards to give you a calm and pleasant experience.

Our Amazing Trips offer you selected accommodation that provides a safe and exclusive experience, with all the sanitary measures in place to ensure your peace of mind.

What are the measures put in place to protect the safety of myself and my family while travelling?

Throughout each touchpoint of your journey safety standards will be our top priority. We can help organise verified private chauffeur-driven transportation to and from airports, at the airport you will be directed through a VIP terminal which see's staggered footfall to limit contact where possible.

Time in the VIP terminal can be as short or as long as you desire, as when you travel privately you have the opportunity to arrive for your flight only 30 minutes before departure.

On-site, your lodges, and yachts can be fully privatised to create a safe cocoon for your family or friends, while all activities are bespoke and led by dedicated well-trained staff.

Will I need a covid-19 test to travel? How do I organise that? Can you help?

This is very dependent on the country you're travelling to or from, but for the most part - yes. We can support you in finding a covid-19 test by leveraging our global reach and local knowledge.

Does it take longer to get through the airport terminal now?

No, travelling privately and having a designated account manager means that we can have all your immigration information ready in advance reducing the amount of time needed within the VIP terminal.

If preferred, it can be organised so you swiftly walk through the terminal and straight to your freshly sanitised aircraft.

What happens if I book the trip and the restrictions change, will I lose my money?

All the Amazing Trips are guaranteed with hassle free date changes in the event of restriction changes. Your representative will be on hand to answer any queries or concerns in the lead up to your trip.

We can also provide you with a cancellation and travel insurance that offers a covid-19 coverage for all our trips. Don’t hesitate to ask us about this insurance when booking your Amazing Trip.

Which locations are open to travel during covid-19? Will I still have an incredible vacation even without all amenities being open?

The Amazing Trips locations have been carefully selected so that you can fully enjoy the experience.

The trips are secluded with private teams with you to cook, clean, and take care of everything so you can focus on immersing yourself in nature. All our experiences, such as safaris, still offer the opportunity to meet local tribespeople and explore cultural highlights - we just ensure that all social distancing and safety elements are adhered to.

Other locations are open for travel, and our team are best equipped to craft the perfect trip for you.

In conclusion

In conclusion, booking an Amazing Trip is relatively risk-free. We've put measures in place to ensure your experience is as enjoyable as ever, with our team on hand 24/7 to help with any concerns you may have.

We hope we can provide you the confidence to book the trip of a lifetime and enjoy every second of it. If you would like to speak to a member of the team about your options for travel, please feel free to get in touch [email protected].

Our Amazing Trips designers are eager to hear from you!

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