Our Culture, Mission & Values

People are at the heart of any business and the Luxaviation Group is no exception. Not just the passengers, customers and suppliers, but people like us, the employees. We are the people setting new standards of excellence every day in fields such as aircraft management and private jet operation, taking pride in the work we do and building a better future – and a better company – for everyone.

Our Mission

We deliver excellence in a comprehensive range of business aviation services tailored to our customers and partners.

We are dedicated to achieving the highest level of safety and strive to create an engaging workplace through cultivating genuine, open and engaging relationships with passionate colleagues.

We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We protect the environment and benefit the communities where we work.

Our Values

Our values guide the decisions we make every day. They define our commitment to outstanding customer service and help drive our passion for excellence.


Customers are at the heart of everything we do. They’re the most powerful ambassadors we can possibly have, because happy customers will not only return they will also ‘spread the word’ about our services. And let’s not forget that our colleagues should be treated like customers, too. Let’s show everyone our excellence and our respect.

I exceed expectations and I am proactive to the customer’s needs.
I know that every customer is key to our success and I focus on service excellence daily.
I own and immediately address customer concerns.
I communicate effectively in a respectful way.
I engage in open dialogue and am receptive to feedback.


Communication is a two-way responsibility. We all enjoy, and benefit from, an environment that encourages the open and friendly exchange of feelings, ideas and information. Working efficiently together is a great feeling.


Safety is our highest priority. Nothing matters more. Every one of us understands that the wellbeing of our passengers and colleagues is our primary concern. We strive to continuously improve standards, promote safe working practices and feed back safety-related concerns to ensure a safe, positive working environment. We all feel the benefits of a comfortable, healthy and, above all, safe workplace.

I never compromise safety.
I am honest, follow through on my commitments and consistently do the right thing.
I trust and respect my colleagues and promote teamwork.


Every good relationship is built on trust. We’re all at our most relaxed and efficient when we believe in the people around us and know that they have absolute faith in us, too.


Quality and excellence of service are critical to the Luxaviation Group. We are constantly striving to set ever-higher standards, knowing our customers and employees deserve a best-in-class experience right across our organisation. We’re proud of every member of the Luxaviation family, knowing they all take pride in the work they do.

I embrace change, innovate and seek to continuously improve.
I am professional and always do my best.
I know my role contributes to achieving our goals.
I protect and preserve the Company’s assets and resources.
I strive for protecting and preserving Planet Earth.


The most important asset in our business is you. Without you, and the outstanding work you do, there would be no Luxaviation Group. The responsibilities you accept every day, and the professionalism with which you meet those responsibilities, are vital to the future of this business. We shall also strive to preserve the resources of Planet Earth and look for ways to protect the environment in all we do. Our responsibility also extends to the communities in which we operate, which we will support through our charitable activities.