Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy. We are committed to creating added value for our customers, employees and investors and do so in full consideration of our responsibilities toward the environment and society.

Sustainability Report Digest 2021

“It is amazing to see how many of our employees are committing themselves to good causes and take the initiatives to help raise funds on all the continents where we are present. As a Group, we decided to support both the activities initiated by our different operators and our employees’ private commitments to raise funds.”

Patrick Hansen - Group Chief Executive Officer


Our long-term business prospects, and those of our clients and employees and their families, are tied to a sustainable planet. We therefore choose to integrate sustainability into our decision-making process, actively tackle social and environmental concerns that surround our business and continuously seek to improve our ways of operating. We realise that this matters to our clients and employees and strive to offer a sustainable journey, both on the ground and in the air.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility means how we embed our values and ethical behaviour throughout our organisation. This means that we do not take our employees’ commitment for granted. Our workforce is made up of people from many different cultural backgrounds. We are aware of the fact that it is your combined skill, knowledge and commitment that make us a successful business. We are very proud of our reputation, which is built on the commitment and talents of our employees and we place great importance on recruiting and developing a diverse, highly skilled, enthusiastic and passionate team.

A genuine commitment to corporate social responsibility means to continually monitor and review our policies and procedures. By doing this we have discovered that we could and should do more to be a positive influence on society. One way of doing this is giving back by increasing the company’s support of individuals or charitable organisations.

Environmental Sustainability

Following the UN global compact principles and its sustainable development goals, we are pursuing our journey to continuously improve the way we are conducting our business.

Social Sustainability

Luxaviation follows a comprehensive management approach that understands diversity of gender, demography and nationality and encourage and support equal participation of men and women in management positions of our Group.

Industry Sustainability

Luxaviation is proud to be part of the pilot phase of the European Business Aviation Association’s Standards & Training for Aviation Responsibility and Sustainability (EBAA S.T.A.R.S.) initiative.