Pet Travel

Pets are family, not cargo. That’s why when you fly with Luxaviation, our team are committed to delivering the same first-class in-flight experience for every passenger onboard, including your furry and feathered companions.

In-Air Pet Care

Safety Furs

More than anything else, your safety is our first priority, and the same goes for your pets. Flying regulations mean your pets can travel in the cabin with you, but must be restrained for take-offs, landings, and turbulence. At all other times they can be comfortably by your side.

Taking In-Flight Menus to New Heights

We pride ourselves on the superb quality of our in-flight dinning, and the same goes for our pet passengers. Our four-legged friendly menus are designed to keep your pets healthy and hydrated during flight so you’ll both arrive relaxed and refreshed. Choose from balanced staples such as baked salmon or prime cuts of fresh meat, and of course any specific dietary requirements can be accommodated.

Before you EmBARK

Our teams can support you with every aspect of your pet travel. At the time of booking our Charter experts will make you aware of all regulations and required documentation for your travel, tailored to your pet, flight and chosen destination. On the ground, and in the air, our handling teams and Crew are well-trained in pet handling without causing any fuss or over-excitement to your travel companion, ensuring the welfare and comfort of your pet at all times.

Luxaviation is experienced in pet travel to all corners of the globe. Our service to you and your pets extends beyond the in-flight experience. Our Experiences network includes carefully selected pet-friendly accommodation, facilities, and partners to ensure you and your pets are well catered for, wherever you are in the world.

Pet Travel Regulations

In most instances your pet will require a valid pet passport to confirm all routine health checks are up to date, identification that shows the details of their microchip and valid vaccinations dependent on countries of arrival and departure. Our experts will advise on any extra requirements at the time of your booking.