Flexible, Fractional Jet Ownership

Indulge in the perks of professionally managed co-ownership of a pristine Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 jet straight from the factory. With this innovative program, you have the freedom to fly according to your own schedule, benefiting from a predetermined number of flight hours. Additionally, you can significantly reduce costs by sharing the expenses of ongoing operations.

SkyClub Members

Designed for individuals who fly less frequently but seek to experience the full flexibilities of private jet ownership, SkyClub customers benefit from lowered capital requirements, meaning investors can buy the share that perfectly fits their individual needs.


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Minimum Ownership ShareMinimum Flight HoursEquivalent Days OwnershipHome Base Typical Flight TimesTypical Flight Routes
1/67550Europe1.5 – 3.5 HoursEurope and North Africa


Northern Europe


Benefits of SkyClub

Attractive Conditions

Discover the advantages and flexibility of owning a private jet, now more accessible with lower capital demands. This allows you to effortlessly enter the market while enjoying all the perks of personalised travel that caters to your specific requirements.

Transparent Pricing

Fly at direct operating cost with no hidden extras or additional per hour operational expenses.

Factory New Aircraft

Your private jet travel experience is elevated on board a factory new Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 aircraft, with a trusted pedigree and unmatched, productivity-enhancing amenities.

Ease of Availability

Our SkyClub fleet consists of multiple factory new Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 aircraft meaning we can reposition an alternative luxury jet to complete your journey, providing you uninterrupted travel arrangements even in the face of last-minute changes.

No Import Duties

Enjoy substantial tax advantages by importing an aircraft on one of Luxaviation’s multiple Air Operating Certificates, providing you with a hassle-free experience and a material cost savings.

Maintenance Guarantee

Luxaviation provides complete maintenance assurance throughout the initial five-year SkyClub tenure.

Charter Revenue Generation

Excess flying capacity of the aircraft can be offered on the charter market to generate rental income and further reduce fixed costs to the SkyClub members.

Trusted Experts

Our team of aviation professionals manage all aspects of the SkyClub ownership program so you can enjoy all the benefits of ownership with lower costs and greater efficiencies, and none of the time-consuming management responsibilities.

The SkyClub Fleet

Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 Jets

Meet the next-generation jet. Expertly designed and exquisitely crafted, the reimagined Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 aircraft elevates your travel experience from the moment you step on board.

Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 Jet Specs
PassengersYear of ManufactureMax RangeRestroom Luggage*
92022/232,165 nmYes10 Pieces
exterior image of the skyclub Citation CJ4 Gen2 in hangar

The Perfect Balance

Elegance & Ergonomics

The Citation CJ4 Gen2 jet delivers unmatched eye-catching and productivity-enhancing amenities. COOLVIEW skylights, upgraded seating and a wireless cabin management system means you have instant control of lighting, window shades and cabin temperature.

seating arrangement of beautiful skyclub aircraft Citation CJ4 Gen2

Soaring Good Looks

Smoother Ride

Smart design means a better ride. The main landing gear of the Citation CJ4 Gen2 jet is located inboard, reducing the track, and making all aspects of ground handling smoother. With a range that spans beyond Europe, and speed that gets you there fast, the CJ4 is considered the flagship of the 525 series. Using long-range cruise power, the CJ4 Gen2 can go up to 2,165 nm, the equivalent of Brussels to Marrakesh, or London to Istanbul.

Citation CJ4 Gen2 aircraft interior seating arrangement

Superior Aircraft

Superior Experience

Luxaviation flight crew are trained to provide a level of service unsurpassed in the global charter business. Our pilots and cabin crew are pivotal to our ability to provide the best private aviation experience. Our bespoke recruitment, induction, and training processes ensure our crew present an unsurpassed combination of intelligence, safety, skill, efficiency and care.

Discover Our Fleet


Northern Europe