Transform your travel experience with fractional jet ownership. Imagine professionally managed co-ownership of a private aircraft, where you can share both the thrill of flight and the costs. By purchasing a fractional share, you'll be allotted a set number of flight hours per year to soar the skies in style. Make your travel plans soar with fractional jet ownership.


  • The SkyClub program started back in 2006.
  • Three Cessna CJ2 aircraft were progressively purchased as part of the fractional ownership program.
  • A CJ3 joined the fleet a few years later.
  • Last year, the program was renewed by adding two factory-new CJ4 Gen2 jets.
  • The succes story continues as we are looking for more investors to expand the SkyClub fleet accross Europe.


  • Lower the capital requirements to own an aircraft and allow investors to buy the share that perfectly matches their needs.
  • Shareholders benefit from lower fixed costs than single owners and still fly at “direct operating cost”
  • Maintenance is fully covered via the monthly fee and maintenance programs, except for non-standard interventions
  • Excess capacity on the fleet is offered on the charter market in order to generate rental income and further reduce the fixed costs for the investors.

Maximize your return on investment with a private jet. Start small, enjoy luxurious flights for years to come.

Experience the thrill of unrivalled freedom and flexibility with private jet ownership. Perfect for those who fly infrequently or those seeking to test the private flying experience. Get ready to take off into a world of luxury and convenience.