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We deliver excellence in a comprehensive range of business aviation services tailored to our clients and partners.

We are dedicated to safety and strive for creating a fulfilling workplace through cultivating genuine, open and engaging relationships with passionate colleagues.


Our Heritage Story

Our Heritage Story

Belgian visionary and pioneer, André Ganshof van der Meersch, founded a small company, Abelag, one of the predecessors of Luxaviation, in 1964. André, an accomplished pilot, studied flying in the United States and saw the immense potential of private aviation in Europe. Bringing know-how, achieved through his own hard work and an innate fearless spirit learned from his Solvay heritage, André’s first private flights took to Belgium’s skies, rapidly expanding and setting records. He did not do it alone, Abelag was his family. Staff and crew accompanied André on board as he flew around the globe, even to his private homes. He experienced luxury the way he wanted his clients to experience it– understanding that walking in their shoes was his only pathway to success. It is with these founding cornerstones of humility and inclusivity that Luxaviation leverages our excellence in service experience.

Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy. We are committed to creating added value for our customers, employees and investors and do so in full consideration of our responsibilities toward the environment and society.

Spirit and Achievement

Today, our over 1500 employees deliver experiential luxury on five continents from our Luxembourg headquarters. Comprising multi-faceted luxury services brands in the aviation sector, such as Luxaviation, Luxaviation Helicopters, Starspeed, and ExecuJet. We operate, manage and charter one of the largest fleets of private jets in the world, assisting entrepreneurs, businesses, entertainers, world-leaders and leisure guests in their shared goal of living a life well-lived, all whilst completing their travel experience safely, discreetly and luxuriously. Our 28 VIP Terminals at various airports provide an efficient arrival and departure experience for our guests.

The future of Luxaviation, while rooted in the deep history of our past creates new private experiences for our most valued guests. Innovative divisions within the group such as bespoke luxury travel planning and fine wines are the answer to ever more demanding clientele who expect and deserve the best the world has on offer.

Harkening to a day when private flight was a new, exciting experience, each time one of our team members welcomes a client into our world, they are committed to delivering the values of our founder. Knowing that each and every moment matters, our dedication to making those moments even more cherished and memorable are what drives our core and ancillary businesses every day. From our humble beginnings as a single plane operator in Belgium to our global footprint around the world, Luxaviation Group is the last word in consistently created luxury – experienced privately since 1964.

Official Supplier to the Court of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

The grant of the title of "Official Supplier to the Court" dates back to the middle of the 19th century during the reign of William III, King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg.
It is granted to companies or businesses that have provided regular services or delivered supplies of an outstanding quality to the Grand-Ducal Court.

Official Supplier to the Court of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

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Luxaviation is one of the largest operators in its field worldwide. Behind every successful company stands an exciting story.

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Meet our Management Team

Luxaviation people share a commitment to customer satisfaction that is unsurpassed in the aviation world. They recognise that improvement is a never-ending process, driven by the desire to gain and maintain market leadership. A relatively flat management structure ensures that our front-line people find it easy to communicate with senior managers, which also keeps our leaders in touch with the real world.



The Luxaviation Group is an award-winning organisation having received many accolades in recognition of quality and service worldwide. Achieving excellence is at the core of the company and there are many prizes by industry, travel and luxury organisations proving the success of this effort.

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Corporate Scent

Scent is the sense closest linked to memory. The smells we experience play a crucial role in how we associate with memories and places. Luxaviation has created its unique corporate scent to make clients feel at home wherever they travel.