Luxaviation people share a commitment to customer satisfaction that is unsurpassed in the aviation world. They recognise that improvement is a never-ending process, driven by the desire to gain and maintain market leadership. A relatively flat management structure ensures that our front-line people find it easy to communicate with senior managers, which also keeps our leaders in touch with the real world.

 Patrick Hansen

Group Chief Executive Officer

Mike Berry

President Aviation Services

Robert Fisch

President Aviation Services

David Van Den Langenbergh

President Aviation Services

Juliane Thiessen

Chief Marketing Officer

Christophe Lapierre

President Wholesale Services

Charlotte Pedersen

President Helicopter Services

Sally Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Georges Disewiscourt

Chief Human Resources Officer

Hervé Laitat

Chief Strategy Officer

Jana App-Sandering

Chief of Client Service

Pieter Steyn

Chief Information Officer

João Casimiro

Chief Operating Officer

Ahmed Benssouna

General Counsel