Luxaviation Experiences

One trend driving the future of luxury travel is the shift in values from the material to the experiential. Luxury is all about the experience, the authenticity of the destination. The Luxaviation Group has many years of providing the private travel means for voyagers worldwide. With this new service portfolio of offering the whole package: travel and experience, we are closing a gap for our clients.

Luxaviation Collection by La Fugue

A special curation for Luxaviation, constructed around the season, exhibitions and occasions to witness. Our selection of the events & places not to miss.

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Travelling changes you forever – Africa changes you forever, and to go on safari is to experience the greatest outdoor adventure holiday of them all. To be under the sun and the wind, looking for animals on the boundless savannahs, or watching the spectacle of the wildebeest migration is all you need for the magic of Africa to mesmerize you.