The Luxaviation Service Academy

"Whatever I do, I do so with meraki."

(v.) "greek saying" to do something with soul, creativity or love to put something of yourself into your work


Jana App-Sandering, Chief of Client Service


We are a distinctive group of luxury service professionals with an eye for detail and a nose for emerging trends in all industries that touch luxury service.

A Unique Service Academy

Our Academy is the right choice for anyone wanting to be trained in the art of providing service excellence. We work with businesses and individuals from an array of different industries including hospitality, aviation, finance and International Corporations alike.

Excellence in customer service is much more than classroom training, it is having a passion and vision for refinement, spotting trends and sensing the innocent and hidden details that exist throughout our everyday lives.

At the Luxaviation Academy, our goal is not just to provide a training checklist, it is to spark the hidden potential of every trainee so that they may maximize their talents and passion for delivering quality and distinction in all elements of customer service.

This will be an exciting journey designed and tailored to meet the needs of your company while improving the aptitude and the enthusiasm of your employees.

What we do

Our training sessions are hosted over 2-3 days, but can be tailored depending on your needs and focus requirements.

Training days can be held in-house at a client’s establishment or within any of our own training facilities worldwide.

Training is split into inspirational learning programmes and active participation sessions, allowing our team to demonstrate their comprehensive understanding of anticipating wishes and delivering a refined attention to detail.


For our clients we also offer exclusive event consulting and management. We will oversee luxury events and ensure that every little detail is looked after.

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Luxaviation Service Academy
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