A Journey Through Compelling Culture

Nowhere sweeps you off your feet in quite the same way as Japan. Steeped in history while forging a high-tech future, Japanese people enjoy a lifestyle of harmonious contrasts. Japan’s myriad islands offer everything from Alpine skiing to tropical beaches, supersonic bullet trains to hypnotic, unhurried tea ceremonies.

With the knowledge and enthusiasm of our Travel Designers poured into your bespoke itinerary, our Amazing Trips to Japan delivers a tailored journey of unique discovery in the land of the rising sun.

Your Amazing Trip to Japan

Travel to Japan over the spring months from March to May and follow the cherry blossom from north to south or visit in autumn from September to November and experience the corresponding autumn colours at their best. Hit the perfect powder snow at the start of the year from January to March, when you will also get the best snow monkey viewing.

As with all our trips, the suggested itinerary can be tailored to your group and preferences and may vary according to local requirements and weather conditions at the time. All activities can be tailored for families with kids.

  • Awaken your senses with a trip to Tsukiji Fish Market, guided by a master-chef, followed by a cookery lesson in his private kitchen
  • Meet sumo wrestlers and watch them do battle
  • Take a samurai sword lesson from an expert
  • Have a local architect lead a tour of Tokyo’s sci-fi landscape
  • Trek, cycle, or ski from the world-class resorts of the Japanese Alps
  • Meet textile makers and watch artisans create kimonos
  • Learn the secrets of rare Sakes
  • Catch the famous cherry-blossoms of Maruyama-koen
  • Meet a geisha and dress in stunning kimono clothing
  • Soak in a private onsen bath at a leading ryokan
  • Experience the artistry of Japan’s exquisite gastronomy at the finest restaurants and gain an insight into kaiseiki cuisine
  • Ride the bullet train to Kyoto and take in the spectacular gardens
  • Walk amongst the marshes of Hokkaido and experience the red-crowned cranes migration

Our Little Black Book of Unique Stays

We go beyond seeking out designer hotels, futuristic pads, and urban spa retreats that anyone can access. Our little black book of exquisite accommodation in Japan means our Amazing Trips Travel Designers can arrange access to luxurious centuries-old ryokans, clifftop hideaways and off-market coastal properties to make your stay in Japan even more unique and memorable.

Be among the few privileged to stay overnight in a feudal castle in Ehime City, Shikoku, a monastery in Mii-dera, or in a unique private townhouse hidden in the oversized city of Tokyo.

A Monastery Stay in Mii-dera

Share the dream of thirteen centauries past. Enjoy total privacy and pure serenity on the site of the miraculous spring in which first bathed the infants who would reign as Japan’s 38th, 40th and 41st emperors in the latter half of the 7th century. Privatise this ancient temple on the southwest bank of Lake Biwa with luxurious accommodation for up to four guests. Suitable all year round, enjoy the changing scenery of the four seasons with everything from cherry blossoms to autumn leaves, and even a night-time illumination.

Privatise this ancient temple
river canal in April in Japan
ancient castle town
 Ehime, Japan

A Castle in Ehime City

Immerse yourself in the charms of an ancient castle town and stay in the first ever fully restored castle tower, one of the most exclusive ways to spend a night in Japan.  Admire the carefully restored architecture and the atmosphere of grandeur that surrounded Japanese daimyos during the Edo period.  For private hire with up to six guests, enjoy exclusive use of the tea house villa overhanging the Hiji River and admire the sights and tastes of yesteryears whilst being surround by lush, harmonious nature.

A Townhouse in Tokyo

A thoughtfully appointed designer townhouse in one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in the world: this is the kind of place where Tokyoites want to stay. Focusing on the appearance as much as the experience, our Tokyo centre accommodation offers everything – designer objects, cutting edge amenities, aromatic and vibrant food, and services that can be considered as unique even to this town. Our Tokyo recommendation is a real jewel in the heart of the Japanese capital.

Tokyo Townhouse
center of tokyo
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