Operation Wild Steppe: The International Mission to Reintroduce Przewalski Horses to Kazakhstan

07 June 2024

Recently, the team at ExecuJet Berlin became a part of a unique mission to transport Przewalski horses to Kazakhstan in order to settle them in the steppe. The Przewalski horse is considered the last remaining wild horse on Earth and hence, the initiative was vital for the conservation and restoration of this endangered species in its natural habitat. The overarching objective is to reintroduce at least 40 horses to their natural habitat over the next five years and this operation was an initial step toward achieving that goal. A positive effect on the local plant and animal life due to the reintroduction is also expected and the steppe ecosystem will be restored.

"Such an action is not feasible as a single institution; it can only be achieved in a collective where everyone contributes their knowledge, experience, and skills. " explained the Zoological Director of the Zoo and Animal Park Berlin. Indeed, the transport was a logistical feat.

The flight was conducted by the Czech Air Force starting at Berlin Brandenburg Airport and it included two stops before reaching a decommissioned airport near the town of Arkalyk, 4,000 km far from the origin. The collaborative effort involved support from the Czech military, Berlin Tierpark, WISAG and ExecuJet. Customs consultations were also necessary, and together with WISAG, the entire handling process for flying the horses was secured. Additionally, ExecuJet handled all visitor registrations for the zoo employees and managed the applications for the transport directly to the aircraft.

This collective effort represents a significant step towards the long-term goal of restoring the steppe ecosystem and preserving its unique biodiversity. It shows again that ExecuJet plays a crucial role in global conservation efforts, seamlessly integrating their expertise in logistics with environmental initiatives.

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