Private Plane Charter

1 February 2021

Private Plane Charter

Private Plane Charter Welcomes New Clients Onboard

With the severe travel restrictions and sudden stoppages of commercial flights throughout 2020, private plane charter has welcomed new clients into the fold.

Whereas those who have regularly made use of charters in the past have avoided the quick vanishing of commercial flights, new clients, who never before considered chartered flights, are for the first time indulging in the convenience, luxury, and ease offered by charter flight specialists like Luxaviation.

A Truly Client-Focused Means to Travel

Treated to luxuries like stylish lounges, privacy, quick security checks and, of course, enjoying complete comfort when airborne, private plane charter clients are often also facilitated by a concierge arrangement. This means that there is no luggage hassle, as private charter has far simpler and swifter luggage loading protocols, and you’ll be escorted to the plane just before take-off.

The time saved by these latter benefits is substantial, which results in both a reduced total journey span and more hours to spend enjoying yourself in whichever way you see fit.

Moreover, whereas first-class passengers of commercial flights may have access to lounges, these can hardly match the services and amenities offered by private fixed base operators (FBOs) like ExecuJet. In terms of personal attention, luxury, security, and convenience, very little in life could possibly compare.

So Much More Than First-Class Commercial Travel

The use of private plane charter by a new contingent of fliers is only gaining pace, and private aviation is stepping into the silent gap left by halted or closed commercial airlines. For the private charter client, short trips by car and helicopter hire are all par for the course when travelling. Indeed, a full suite of services exists, all to best facilitate your plans.

The private charter airborne experience is geared towards relaxed and always stylish travel, never compromising on the lifestyle experience one should expect from top-tier private aviation operators.

A clincher for the many new private charter clients is the ability to specify the menu when airborne. Preferred food type or brand, and even birthday cakes and other special inputs can all be arranged beforehand. Unlike commercial flights, the degree of personalisation is exquisite, and the entire ethos of private air travel is centred on creating a bespoke, stylish, and highly personalised experience for each client.

Certainly, many of the newcomers to private aviation have been left wondering why they never utilised the service before, because a service it is, right down to the small details.

Luxaviation Leads in Private Plane Charter

Luxaviation has grown to be an industry leader on the back of its unflinching attention to detail and remarkable service ethic. We regard the needs and wants of our clients as our priority at all times, and go out of our way to make each trip with us as memorable as possible. When next you’re out and about, call Luxaviation for the stylish travel experience you deserve.






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