Private Plane Charter

29 January 2021

Private Plane Charter

Now is the Time to Try Private Plane Charter

Realistically, the most liberating aspect of private charter flights is the flexibility they offer travellers. There’s no more having to pick the most agreeable option from a set menu of commercial airline flights – private plane charter works to suit your preferences and schedule, not the other way round. Moreover, a great many people who never before contemplated private charter are beginning to discover – albeit prompted by the devastation wrought on commercial airlines during the global lockdown – that private plane charter, whilst always exclusive, can be relatively affordable.

Its flexibility extends to lounging and boarding, too. While first-class commercial airline ticket holders can avail themselves of the first-class check-in desk when boarding, private plane charter allows people to board at a private terminal, undergo faster security inspections, and experience a comprehensively smoother and more stylish service overall.

There Is No Substitute for Exclusivity

If you weren’t aware, private plane charter also avails itself of many smaller airfields that commercial airlines can’t access. This is a decisive difference for many travellers, as very often a private charter will afford far greater variety in boarding and disembarking options. This is important for those who won’t find themselves close to a major airport in their travels.

Smaller airports are typically more discreet than large commercial airports and are focused on providing personalised service and reducing public exposure. When it comes to airport facilities, it should be noted that having acquired the renowned fixed base operator, ExecuJet, in 2015, Luxaviation passengers now have unreserved access to ExecuJet’s global network of lavish, top-tier lounges.

ExecuJet’s superb facilities provide our passengers with the chance to relax or work in an exclusive, stylish, and secure environment.

Private Plane Charter Works with Your Schedule

For businesspeople, a charter working around your schedule will often wait for your meeting’s conclusion before whisking you away to your next appointment. This becomes truly advantageous when you have limited time to conclude meetings within a country, or even within a specific area within the country.

Chartered flights are far more reliable and, for those who need to touch down in several key destinations in a limited time, more punctual. Schedules are kept, the day is productive, and the experience overall is one of personal care and attention.

Private charter avoids any cancellations or delays so often encountered on commercial flights. No more circumstances beyond your control, but rather smart, elegant, and on-time manoeuvring between appointments.


Now is the time to experience airborne luxury at its finest. Luxaviation is firmly committed to offering only top-end service to our valued clients, and we provide the flexibility and personal attention you deserve. We look forward to welcoming you on board.



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