Sigma Air Mobility joins forces with Nordic EVTOL Networks

bringing decarbonized air mobility to Scandinavia

19 June 2023

Luxembourg - Sigma Air Mobility, a Luxaviation Group company, one of the largest aircraft and helicopter operators worldwide, announces its partnership with Nordic EVTOL Networks, the leading vertiport developer in Scandinavia. Both partners expect to receive the first electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) and electric conventional take-off and landing (eCTOL) upon first projected certification from 2025 onwards.

The objective of the collaboration is to contribute to the transition towards more sustainable air transport and to bring decarbonized air mobility to Scandinavia. With their respective expertise and local integration combined, Sigma and Nordic EVTOL Networks (NEN) will develop air operations and infrastructures in order to deliver unique, and comprehensive end-to-end solutions. Together, Sigma and NEN are dedicated to the early adoption and development of Advanced Air Mobility deployment across Northern Europe, the region that today is leading the way towards sustainability.

Embracing advanced air mobility, Sigma has assembled the entire ecosystem solutions and will support air operations across the NEN network. In addition, Sigma through its global presence and extensive operational experience, demonstrates the ability to provide effective measures to achieve net-zero targets in the wider air transport industry. On the other hand, NEN obtained agreements with key locations and municipalities, as well as sub regional and regional mobility requirements. Furthermore, NEN will own and operate infrastructure and act as an orchestrator of partners to ensure end-to-end services.

As the market and its manufacturers are already well advanced and investments in the area are increasing NEN is projected to become innovation leader across the whole region by 2030 driven by optimized operations and selection of best vehicles for respective passenger and cargo services, and local concept of operations.

Both partners will take advantage of upcoming Paris AirShow 2023, to further align with potential partners across OEMs and broader ecosystem.

Christophe Lapierre, CEO of Sigma Air Mobility says: “Luxaviation Group has been present for more than 20 years in Scandinavia. The cooperation between the expertise and operating system of Sigma Air Mobility, and an expert local partner such as NEN, paves the way for market-centric successful deployment.”

Patrick Hansen, CEO of Luxaviation Group adds: “This collaboration illustrates our commitment to sustainability, and our exhaustive approach to explore and implement all technologies and business models to reduce our environmental footprint whilst expanding our services.”

Sigurd von Bülow, CEO of Nordic EVTOL Networks comments: "We wanted to work with a trusted company that shares our values and has a profound understanding of our operations. In addition, Sigma Air Mobility, combined with its global presence, was found to be a perfect partner to introduce the EVTOL technology to our market and to leverage its emerging opportunities.

Our team is as convinced as I am that thanks to our strong collaboration with Sigma Air Mobility, we will furthermore contribute to the development of Advanced Air Mobility in our region, which is quickly adopting this new technology."

The first commercial flight is expected along first vehicle certification targeted around 2025-2026 with a clear set of milestones and key activities to ensure lift-off.

About Sigma Air Mobility:

Sigma Air Mobility is an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) operator with respective vertiport and digital infrastructure segments, with the approach to support infrastructure, regional and ground mobility players to integrate AAM. With innovation and excellence ever present in its strategy, Sigma Air Mobility aims to implement new technologies such as eVTOLs and electrification to enable the effective decarbonization of air travel while providing efficient mobility. Sigma consistently demonstrates its ability to take effective action to achieve net-zero targets across the aviation industry. The operator is a spinoff of Luxaviation Group, a world-leader in business aviation with 50+ years of service excellence, worldwide air operations and servicing infrastructure.