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Avoid the inconvenience of commercial travel delays and long queues. Luxaviation offers client-focused private jet charter services, ensuring a safe, seamless, and stress-free journey.

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We have one of the largest fleet of private aircraft in the world. Many of them are available for charter. Take a look.

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The latest repositioning flights available globally for a fraction of the cost of regular charter.

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For Business

Embrace the convenience of charter air travel

Time is an increasingly precious commodity, which is why chartering an aircraft makes economic sense. It’s an environment conducive to continuing work, conducting meetings in-flight or enjoying some well-deserved rest - discretion and privacy guaranteed.

For those who travel frequently for business, chartering is the only way to go. Reducing travel time, decreasing stress and improving productivity are just some of the many benefits of chartering.

Our team can help you find the right aircraft for your needs - from a private jet with room for up to eight passengers, to a corporate jet that seats 12 or more passengers. We also offer luxury jet charters with all the amenities so you can travel in style and comfort!

For Business - Embrace the convenience of charter air travel

For Leisure

It's about the journey, not just about the destination
For Leisure - It’s about the journey, not just about the destination

Flying in a private jet is a little like going on vacation. You’re treated like royalty and every mile of the journey is a pleasure.

When you charter a jet for leisure, you get to travel with peace of mind knowing your luggage is treated with the utmost respect and oversized luggage such as skiing equipment doesn’t incur extra costs.

From the moment you board, your crew will ensure that every detail is taken care of. Beautifully appointed cabins with deluxe seating; Michelin star-quality meals matched to fine wines and champagne; audio and video entertainment to suite your tastes; and on-board communications.

Charter Benefits

Itinerary Flexibility

Private jets offer a time-saving and stress-free alternative to traditional air travel. With the ability to customise your journey to suit your schedule, you can travel between two or more destinations in a single day, making it ideal for last-minute alterations.

Access To Remote Areas

When you're looking to get somewhere fast, nothing beats a business aircraft. Our charter services can get you there in no time at all, and with the utmost luxury. If you're looking for a way to access remote locations with scheduled carriers, our business aircraft are the way to go. We offer access to remote destinations or congested urban areas lacking an airport.

Private Environment

Our largest cabins are designed for a more refined clientele. While you're cruising at 41,000 feet, your children can wander freely through the cabin and play games with their friends to keep themselves occupied. When they need to rest, they can curl up on our luxurious sofas and recliners, or even stretch out on a divan. We welcome domestic animals on board—even your furry companion will get the VIP treatment!

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

At Luxaviation, we understand that you want your travel to be as smooth and effortless as possible. That's why we offer private terminal access, so you can get through airport security faster and on your way to the open skies faster than ever before. We also know that you may have sensitive cargo that requires special treatment and handling, so we're equipped to handle oversized baggage. And if you have reduced mobility requirements, we're here for you too!


As Luxaviation operates under stringent safety standards, we only consider applications from pilots who conform to our established minimum requirements. All aircraft are maintained and serviced according to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirements in approved service centers. In addition, all pilots must complete a thorough medical examination including a flight physical before being considered for employment.

We know you've been looking forward to your vacation. And with our new protective measures on the ground and in the air, we can guarantee that your safety remains at the heart of everything we do. We adhere to the strictest disinfecting and cleaning regimes of all our aircraft and facilities, to ensure passenger and crew protection at all times.


Have you ever dreamed of a close encounter with the mythical mountain gorilla or the impressive polar bear? Have you ever dared to escape reality for a few days to immerse yourself in the real wilderness of the Scottish Highlands or the unspoiled nature of New Zealand? Would you be willing to treat yourself to remote top-end lodges and luxury cruise boats for a pampering and gourmet getaway?

At Luxaviation Group, we know your world is more than a spreadsheet. You crave experiences that go beyond the material to the authentic and memorable. So we’ve created luxury travel packages that are carefully curated and include private jet charter experiences, so you can really live life on your terms.

 few days to immerse yourself in the real wilderness

Luxaviation Fine Wines

most discerning tastes by delivering exclusive products from selected partners

Over 50 years of building lasting relationships with our esteemed clientele, we have established a worldwide reputation for service excellence. Thanks to our extensive experience of the luxury world, we have a profound understanding of our clients’ needs and can cater to the most discerning tastes by delivering exclusive products from selected partners. An intrinsic part of this service offering is the storing, serving and celebrating of fine wines.