EDEIS and Luxaviation group join forces to enhance sustainable and decarbonized business aviation

15 December 2021

Paris - 15 December 2021 - EDEIS, a leader in airport management in France and Luxaviation, one of the largest private aircraft operators in the world, have joined forces to develop a more sustainable and decarbonized approach to business aviation and regional mobility. Both companies share the vision that Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is key for regional airports and cities as regional routes will be the first connections to benefit from projected developments in this area.

Luxaviation and EDEIS will combine their operational expertise, commercial networks, engineering experience and regulatory insights to build on existing facilities and launching decarbonized aviation services across their networks.

Electrification and long-term planning of facilities - enabling EVTOL (electric takeoff and landing) and ECTOL (electric conventional takeoff and landing) as well as hybrid propulsion aircraft operations-, have already been initiated between both groups and specific pilot projects will be announced in 2022. Earlier this year Luxaviation made its first step towards AAM developments by signing an agreement with Lilium, whereas EDEIS participated in a roadshow with hybrid propulsion aircraft from Voltaero in Q2 2021.

The seven-year cooperation agreement, starting with joint operations in 16 FBOs (Fixed-Base Operator), marks the kick-off of the common deployment of AAM on the EDEIS regional airport networks. Combined network resulting from partnership is core to regional travel across France and poised to grow in locations and traffic. The partnership combines the power and expertise of EDEIS’ and Luxaviation’s networks. It draws on the knowledge of an international as well as local customer base and the bespoke customer services created for them. EDEIS’ 16 locations in France will converge with the Luxaviation network to then cover 128 locations worldwide including ExecuJet owned FBOs, EDEIS network and partner FBOs.

Through the partnership with Luxaviation, EDEIS will be able to continue playing its role as a connection between territories and players, demonstrating the advantages of an integration of regional mobility into the environment. A regional, clean and sustainable air transport is in sight, placing the regional airports at a critical and prominent position in their regions. They will become once again what they used to be at the beginning of air travel: an economic driving force for local businesses, a beating heart for cities and a formidable lever of development for an entire region.

Today 85% of European air traffic is predominantly serviced from 43 of the 2,570 airports.  90% of the population must travel 120 km to board and aircraft. Olivier Galzi, EDEIS VP strategy and development said: “This partnership between EDEIS and Luxaviation is meant to be a lever to promote the future of a sustainable inter-regional mobility”.

“We strongly believe in adjacencies between business aviation and early stages of Advanced Air Mobility and our partnership with EDEIS implements this vision across regional airport networks where FBOs today, vertiports tomorrow will play a key enabler role” adds Christophe Lapierre, Luxaviation Chief Strategy Officer.

enhance sustainable and decarbonized business aviation