VIP Private Jet Services and Amenities - What to Expect?

29 September 2023

Private jet charter offers a synthesis of luxury, convenience, and unmatched personalisation. For those who have tasted this echelon of high-end air travel, returning to the usual ways feels nothing short of a downgrade. 

The very essence of private jet travel lies in its promise of exclusivity. Imagine boarding a luxury aircraft tailored to your every desire, be it a need for Wi-Fi or a gourmet meal specially catered to your palette. Think of the serenity in bypassing crowded terminals, the luxury of choosing your preferred aircraft, and the assurance of swift departures, even on short notice. 

The very essence of private jet travel lies in its promise of exclusivity.

When you fly privately with Luxaviation, you experience an unmatched service that is second to none. We have curated an offering that seamlessly blends state-of-the-art amenities with impeccable service. Whether it's an urgent travel decision or a meticulously planned multi-stop journey, our commitment remains unswerving—to deliver a VIP experience that exceeds your expectations. 

Book your private jet with Luxaviation to enjoy a personalised and intimate travel experience as you contemplate your next business or leisure trip. While there are a range of distinct amenities and services that private flying offers, the following are top-of-the-line VIP amenities that Luxaviation provides to its clients. 

Top-class Privacy for Business and Leisure Travelers

VIP Private Jet Services and Amenities: Top-class Privacy

Boarding a private jet ensures you have the entire aircraft to yourself. There’s no negotiating for armrest space, no overheard conversations from strangers. It's just you and your select group. Moreover, hygiene and health are important concerns when travelling. When you fly private, you know who you are sharing the cabin with, adding an extra layer of peace and exclusivity to your journey. Whether you’re a business magnate discussing corporate strategies or a family wanting uninterrupted quality time, the aircraft's confines remain yours and yours alone. 

For individuals constantly in the limelight—celebrities, politicians, or business leaders, private flights offer a VIP travel experience where your presence remains inconspicuous, from boarding to landing. 

While privacy is of utmost importance, it is incomplete without robust security measures. At Luxaviation, we have harmonised discretion with stringent security protocols. Our guests are guaranteed an environment where mergers can be discussed, deals can be closed, and strategies can be laid out with absolute confidentiality. 

Luxurious and VIP Lounges Beyond Ordinary First-Class

From the moment one steps into an FBO to the instance they embark on their private jet, luxury, and excellence should resonate in every corner. Private jet VIP lounges are dedicated to serving a discerning clientele that includes corporate entities, private individuals, and even heads of state. The luxurious facilities are meticulously designed to cater to these elite travellers, ensuring a harmonious blend of luxury and efficiency. 

VIP lounges offer plush lounge furniture, access to television, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, and an array of snacks and refreshments to offer guests an oasis where they can relax or work before their flight. 

Globally, all of our Fixed Base Operations (FBOs) are managed by ExecuJet, which is an integral part of the Luxaviation group. With a heritage deeply rooted in safety and unparalleled service standards, ExecuJet has solidified its reputation in offering world-class amenities and services across five continents. 

VIP Private Jet Services and Amenities: VIP Lounges

Premium Client Service Like No Other 

Luxury aviation thrives profoundly on the eminence of its client services. In an industry where the finest of details are paramount, Luxaviation stands prominent in client service excellence. Harnessing emerging trends across various luxury sectors, we ensure that our brand remains at the forefront, continuously evolving and enhancing the passenger experience. 

True customer service extends beyond rehearsed courtesies; it's an art. Our Client Service Academy is rooted in the philosophy that the true essence of luxury service lies in the untapped passion of the service provider. By kindling this natural passion, we nurture professionals who don't just serve but captivate. 

VIP Private Jet Services and Amenities: Premium Client Services
We empower our team.

With the knowledge, skills, and passion, and enhance their abilities to reshape the very essence of premium client service in the luxury aviation sector. 

Fly With Your Pets 

Why should your pet be relegated to a cargo hold when they can sit right next to you, enjoying the lavish ambience of a private jet? Private travel curates experiences that extend to every facet of the journey. For many, a cherished part of that experience is their beloved pet. Hence, you need a service where your pets aren't just accommodated but are pampered. 

No flight experience is complete without a fine dining experience. Luxaviation extends its acclaimed in-flight dining service to include a healthy selection for your pets. This ensures that they too enjoy a nutritious and comfortable journey with you. 

VIP Private Jet Services and Amenities: Fly With Your Pets
The philosophy is simple: pets are family.

From the moment you arrive at the airport to your final destination, Luxaviation's crew and handling teams, adept in pet etiquette, ensure a fuss-free, calm environment, making every journey pleasant for your beloved pet. 

Lavish Interior Design Aesthetics Tailored to You

Private jets offer the unique perk of tailoring interiors to match individual preferences. However, this is primarily true for those who own their planes. If you're purchasing your own private jet, every stitch, every panel, and every feature can be meticulously crafted to your desire, melding functionality with aesthetics beautifully.  

VIP Private Jet Services and Amenities: Interior Design Aesthetics

However, for chartered flights, customization options are limited. It's essential to differentiate between owning and chartering when considering interior choices. If you need assistance in customizing your own private aircraft upon purchase, we are well-equipped to assist you. 

Bespoke Luxury Travel

Discerning travellers crave an experience that's uniquely tailored to their tastes, preferences, and desires. The “on-demand” element embodies responsiveness, agility, and a keen understanding of the nuances of luxury travel.  

La Fugue, under the prestigious umbrella of Luxaviation meticulously curates experiences, carved out to resonate with the individual traveller’s desires. We ensure that every moment is an authentic reflection of your aspirations. Whether it's a cultural retreat, a vineyard tour in the French countryside, or an art sojourn in Italy, the tailor-made experiences promise an unparalleled depth of immersion and exclusivity. 

Bespoke Multi-Tour Private Charter Flights

Private Jet Services and Amenities: Multi-Tour Private Charter Flight

Travelling between multiple destinations doesn’t mean compromising on comfort. With multi-tour charters, you maintain a consistent, top-tier experience. From departure to arrival, every aspect of your journey, irrespective of the number of stops, upholds the same exemplary standard of luxury and efficiency. 

Luxaviation ensures that every stop in your multi-tour journey is chosen based on your preferences, whether that means hopping between business meetings across continents or luxuriating in secluded getaways. 

Celebrate Special Events On-Board

A private jet charter offers an unmatched setting of privacy. Celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or achievements away from the world's gaze, surrounded only by the people who matter the most. The intimacy onboard ensures every moment is personalised, genuine, and devoid of any distractions. 

The joy of celebrations often intertwines with sharing with people who are close to you. On-board Wi-Fi ensures that while you're thousands of feet above the ground, you remain connected. Stream a live celebration, share instant updates, or simply play that special song from the cloud—celebrate without boundaries. 

Whether it's gourmet catering for a birthday bash, exclusive wine pairings for an anniversary, or thematic décor for a milestone event, Luxaviation tailors each flight experience to encapsulate and elevate your special day’s essence. 

Private Jet Services and Amenities: Thematic décor

Gourmet Dining Crafted to Your Taste 

Tailor-made gourmet dining on private jets provides an artful blend of culinary skills, presentation, and the exclusivity of ingredients. Renowned chefs, acquainted with the preferences of the discerning traveller, curate plates that rival the finest restaurants on the ground. 

Private Jet Services and Amenities: Gourmet Dining

With the advantage of a private jet charter, guests can liaise directly with the culinary team to craft a menu that aligns perfectly with their preferences and dietary needs. 

Effortless Booking via App (Built-in Chat Feature)

Luxaviation's Customer Portal App is your travel companion. From the initial booking to the final descent, receive real-time notifications on your charter itinerary. Every detail, update, or change is communicated instantly to eliminate uncertainties and enhance your luxury travel experience. 

Browse available private jets, customise the itinerary and dates according to your preferences, and confirm your private flight—all within moments. Use the built-in live chat feature to engage directly with our aviation experts for a seamless booking experience. 

Luxaviation App

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