Post-Brexit Jet Management Solutions

From 1st January 2021, the EU-UK Trade Cooperation Agreement came into effect, creating several changes in legislation around chartering jets between the UK and Europe.

While G-registered aircraft owners can fly into and within Europe privately, currently there are no fifth freedom flights permitted for commercial flying. *This means aircraft registered under a UK Air Operating Certificate can fly commercially to and from the EU (under third and fourth freedom rights), but not within the EU anymore.

Whilst we hope there will soon be bilateral agreements between EU member states and the UK, improving the current situation and making operations easier. Until those developments, Luxaviation can continue seamless management of your aircraft despite the changes caused by Brexit. If the new regulations are proving prohibitive, we have flexible options to keep flying.

Luxaviation operates under the regulatory umbrella of 14 air-operating certificates (AOCs), including one European AOC, and eight further AOCs provided through European regulators; Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, San Marino and the UK.

The strength of our corporate structure, combined with the flexibility of our aircraft management model, means that we can offer all the expertise and stability of an experienced global operator, whilst providing a tailor-made management service to meet your individual requirements.

*All information has been sourced from the UK Government website and is relevant at the time of publication.

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