ExecuJet Monterrey: An Ultra-Modern Metropolis against a Scenic, Natural Backdrop

18 July 2016

It’s early in the morning and you awake refreshed after an overnight flight from Europe. Anticipating your arrival at Del Norte International Airport in Monterrey, Mexico, your flight crew prepares you and the aircraft for landing. With a meeting scheduled with a major partner later that morning, you are pleased to have a smooth transition through customs, topped off with fresh coffee and a warm greeting, thanks to the excellent staff at the ExecuJet FBO. As you are already prepped and ready to get to business, the only decision you have left to make is what to do after the work ends and the rest of the day stretches ahead of you.

Long-haul flights and meetings have left your legs restless – but you are in luck. Monterrey is surrounded by a plethora of beautiful natural features, including its famous 1,737-meter mountain peak called “Cerro de la Silla,” or Saddle Hill. The local National Park - Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey - has many kilometers of hiking, cool pools for swimming, and caves and waterfalls for exploring. It is a popular and serene oasis for getting away from the rigours of travel and city life for good reason.

If a side-trip out of the city just isn’t in your schedule, you can get plenty of exercise simply exploring the Macroplaza central zone: six long blocks of green space, fountains and walking paths surrounded by government buildings, museums, hotels, and restaurants in both modern and classical design. Between the Rio Santa Catarina and the Macroplaza is the Barrio Antigua, the heart of Monterrey’s nightlife and café scene as well as being the historic core of the city where you can stay up all night long, if things work out that way.

No matter what you do, food is always in order. The gastronomic speciality of Monterrey is “cabrito” or slow-roasted goat. With a distinctive smoky flavour due to its hours spent on the grill, and eaten with beans cooked in beer, pico de gallo and tortillas, many consider a visit to Monterrey truly complete only once you have tried this dish. If you are a beer aficionado, this city is the perfect destination to wash down your delicious cabrito. Monterrey is the home of the second-largest brewery in Mexico, Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, which produces a range of excellent Mexican beers, all served cold and in the bottle – perfect on a warm summer day (or night).

After a great meal and inspired sightseeing, it is time to return. Heading back to the ExecuJet FBO at the Del Norte International Airport, the transition from ground to air transit is seamless and hassle-free. You are left only with the successes of a well-rounded business trip: productive meetings and an immersive, relaxing foray into Monterrey and environs. You will certainly be back, and ExecuJet will be the one to take you there.

ExecuJet Monterrey: An Ultra-Modern Metropolis against a Scenic, Natural Backdrop