Experience the Magic of the Holiday Season With Luxaviation

19 December 2023

The holiday season has arrived! Are you ready to enjoy the most magical time of the year?

Join us and be inspired by our selection of favourite destinations, carefully curated to include everything from grand family festive gateways to solo spiritual retreats - and memories that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Explore and experience extraordinary celebrations from around the world, making your travel dreams come true this season as the adventure begins.


Embracing the festive spirit like no other, Berlin transforms into a magical wonderland filled with the spirit of the season. 

Holiday Season With Luxaviation in Berlin

Dive deep into Berlins holiday traditions where hundreds of people celebrate the start of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah by lighting a giant menorah in front of the Brandenburg Gate. With the eight branched light structure, the 32 feet high menorah lit every Christmas in Berlin is known to be the highest in Europe.  

Another magical place to explore in December is Berlin’s Botanical Garden. Every year this flora paradise transforms into a glittering fairytale that leads you on a Christmas adventure along a 2km-long circular trail.  


With the streets decked out with fairy lights and festive decorations, the atmosphere in Girona is filled with joy and Christmas celebrations 

Holiday Season With Luxaviation in Girona

Girona offers much more holiday romance than many would imagine. The Cathedral is home to one of the most impressive nativity scenes in the region, where each year, local artisans are commissioned to create a unique and detailed representation of the classic story. 

Ice skating at the Parc de la Devesas Gel rink is a holiday must-do in Girona. Experienced skater or a first timer, this activity will make you feel like you are in a Christmas movie. 

Cape Town

Run away to a place where the evenings sparkle and the sun shines gold. There is still a good shimmer of festive spirit to be experienced during the South African summer. Cape Town is the ultimate summer destination, offering a refreshing respite from the northern hemisphere winter. 

Holiday Season With Luxaviation in Cape Town

With world-class beaches, epic hiking trails, and the electric buzz of the peak season, you will not be disappointed by the Mother City. Start your holiday journey by exploring the most famous attractions like Table Mountain, Robben Island, Cape of Good Hope or Cape Point, then see the penguins and other bird species at Boulders Beach. 

Holiday Season With Luxaviation in Cape Town

For the wine lovers, South Africa could be the perfect place to spend the festive season. Offering best-in-class wine-tasting tours. Cape Town is world famous for its vineyards, with over 150 wineries in the surrounding areas.  

Indulge in one of the country's most recognised wine regions – Stellenbosch or complete your holiday trip by going on a safari, discovering Kruger National Park, South Africa’s largest game reserve. 


Holiday Season With Luxaviation

Holiday Season in Australia is undoubtedly special and has its own unique sunny flavor. We invite you on a magical journey to Melbourne to discover the backyard cricket, holiday lunches on the beach and the seafood traditional barbeques.

Enjoy the many food stalls, Santa’s Big Workshop and the unique 16-meter illuminated holiday tree in the popular Federation Square who transforms into a truly magnificent holiday square.

Holiday Season With Luxaviation in Melbourn

Another seasonal highlight is the famous Christmas animation projections, lighting up the State Library Victoria, Melbourne Town Hall and Princes Bridge. For something a bit different, discover the live street art along Hosier Lane, where festive scenes delight throughout the holiday season.

The Myer Windows Christmas have been enchanting Australian families for generations. The department store’s windows are decorated with a different Festive story each year. During December it is a tradition to see families lining up and making their way through the windows, taking in the Christmas tale.


Monterrey’s deeply embedded history is infused with ancient civilizations and the customs, rituals and folklore of these communities form the colorful backdrop of Mexican culture. Also known as the “City of Mountains,” Monterrey offers breathtaking senary and incredible natural monuments to fulfill your holiday travel goals.  

Holiday Season With Luxaviation in Monterrey

Unlike in other parts of the Western world, Christmas in Mexico starts at the beginning of December. Each region has unique customs and practices to mark the start of the holiday season.  

Mexicans know how to celebrate in style, journey through the enchanting regions filled with heritage and culture, escaping the biting winter temperatures, embracing the vibrant allure Mexico offers.  


Holiday Season With Luxaviation

There is a special kind of magic in the air as you walk around the cobblestone streets of Munich. Jet to the snow-covered city of Munich where the romantic backdrop of the neo-gothic architecture on Marienplatz glistens and German traditions captivate during the month, creating perfect winter scenes. 

Holiday Season With Luxaviation in Munich

The Munich Christmas markets bring some next-level magic to the season, dating back to the 14th century, the village of stalls enchant with old Bavarian charm as guests are welcomed with festive lights, advent magic and mulled wine. 

St. Maarten

Unrivalled luxury, wellness wrapped in white-sand beaches and an underwater world awaiting discovery makes St. Maarten an obvious choice for a truly magnificent holiday.  

Holiday Season With Luxaviation in St. Maarten

If you are chasing the winter sun this December and looking for peace and solitude on a pristine beach, the Caribbean is the flawless postcard destination that has perfected the art of relaxation. 

Islanders have created many of their own unique traditions, passed down from generation to generation, adding more cheer to the end of the year.  

Indulge in the spirit of the St. Maarten holiday season from Marigot Christmas Folies with parades, giant puppets, festive music and holiday markets to tasting of the local flavors such as the Guava Berry punch drink.  


Holiday Season With Luxavaition

Show-stopping dreamy beaches, glorious landmarks, barbeque in the sunshine and a plethora of cultures – the energy and entrepreneurial spirit in the cultural melting pot of Sydney is truly infectious.

Holiday Season With Luxaviation in Sydney

Shaped not only by the fact that Christmas Day falls in the middle of summer, but also the quirks of Australian culture. You can find a whole host of holiday traditions to take in if you are visiting Australia. 

Around this magical time many of the locals choose to relax with important sporting events. One such staple is the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, which has been taking place for more than 70 years.  

Unwrap Your Holiday Spirit

Challenge your inner holiday spirit this season, trust your travel intuition and make your travel dreams a reality.  

May these moments of calm inspire you for the coming year, bringing prosperity and happiness. Here's to a delightful festive season and a bright start to the new year!