SkyClub: Introduction to Our Flexible, Fractional Jet Ownership Programme

29 June 2023

Think about the convenience of a personalised flight schedule. Having a private jet that allows you to manage your time effectively and be exactly where you need to be when you need to be. No more struggling through crowded airport hubs, making stressful plane changes, or worrying about missed flights. Even lengthy security lines become a thing of the past.

Private jet travel is a notable trend among high-net-worth individuals, symbolising prestige and exclusivity at a substantial cost. Yet, comfort and time efficiency are unquestioned perks. While some of the financially elite choose to own private jets, managing a private aircraft comes with its own unique set of complexities.

Fractional Jet Ownership - The Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2

There are diverse options to experience private air travel, tailored to individual needs. SkyClub, Luxaviation's fractional ownership programme, provides a unique balance of luxury travel and secure investment, distinguishing itself in the market of private jet shares. It is designed to cater to frequent flyers—individuals and businesses—who log 70 or more flight hours per year and appreciate the merits of asset ownership.

SkyClub's flexible, fractional aircraft ownership lets you have access to a new Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2, supported by experienced management. Fractional share allows you to experience the full benefits of a private aircraft at a significantly reduced cost.

What is Fractional Jet Ownership?

The principle of fractional aircraft ownership is clear and simple. You seek the flexibility to enjoy private jet flights on your schedule. While charter flights may not always fit your needs, full aircraft ownership can entail certain challenges that can minimise your business or leisure travel experience. However, the fractional jet share stands out as an excellent choice.

In the fractional or shared ownership model, you acquire a segment of a private jet instead of the whole ownership of the aircraft. This can range from a 1/6th to any fractional share that suits your unique needs. For frequent flyers desiring a consistent and exclusive private aviation experience, fractional or shared ownership stands as an excellent solution.

If you are looking for Learn More On The Private Jet Fractional Ownership Programme, don't hesitate to Contact Our Team with us today. We are on standby to guide you towards the fractional ownership plan that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Introduction to SkyClub

Luxaviation's Premier Private Jet Fractional Ownership Programme

SkyClub fractional ownership is designed with the aim of enhancing your travel efficiency. Thanks to our unique approach that is based on flight hours, we offer you the ownership share that starts with a minimum of 75 flight hours.

The SkyClub fractional ownership programme allows you to travel on flight routes including Europe and North Africa without the concern of extra charges or monitoring flight time. Our fractional jet membership delivers a cost-effective way to maximise your time and provides a secure and private travel environment, a unique advantage of jet ownership.

Benefiting from our strong history in professional aircraft management and private charter flights, we have tailored the SkyClub programme based on in-depth market research and valuable feedback. Our Fractional Ownership programme simplifies the process of private air travel and aircraft ownership for you to embrace the next level of private aviation.

Benefits of SkyClub Fractional Jet Ownership Programme

People Choose Us Because We Go The Extra Mile To Fulfil Their Needs

SkyClub fractional ownership centres around flexibility and access, tailored to your unique requirements. We prioritise aligning you with the most effective aircraft for your travel needs, fostering a share in your aircraft's revenue, and delivering an unparalleled flight experience throughout your time as an owner.

Fractional Jet Ownership - The Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2
  • Unmatched service quality
  • Optimise your time management
  • Shared expenses of aircraft ownership
  • Pristine, factory-new aircraft
  • No import duties
  • Significant tax benefits
  • Guaranteed access to aircraft
  • Higher returns on investment
  • Generate revenue from chartered flights
  • Unmatched safety standards
  • Routine aircraft maintenance and inspection
  • Safe investment opportunities
  • Premium customer support, available 24/7

How Fractional Jet Ownership Works?

With fractional jet ownership, you are essentially purchasing a piece of a private jet. This investment translates into a specific number of flight hours, contingent upon your share's size. Starting with a 1/6th stake in an aircraft, you can custom-fit your investment to your flying needs.

SkyClub fractional ownership provides each owner with a certain number of flight hours to enjoy exclusive use of the aircraft for a predetermined number of hours annually. Your investment is tied to a specific jet, ensuring your aircraft is available at a moment's notice.

Ownership Share
Flight Hours
Days Ownership
Flight Times
Flight Routes
1/67550Europe1.5 – 3.5 HoursEurope and North Africa
Fractional Jet Ownership - Aircraft Interior

Our Fractional jet ownership is the perfect solution for those who want the advantages of a private jet but don't want to deal with the complexities of crew management, maintenance, and insurance.

Besides the cost of your share, you will pay a monthly management fee, which covers pilot training, insurance, hangar costs, and administrative duties. Enjoy the perks of jet ownership without the typical burdens.

SkyClub Fractional Programme Fleet

Get the Co-ownership of the modern Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2, a light jet that embodies design and craftsmanship excellence. Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 offers unparalleled amenities like COOLVIEW skylights, premium seating, and a wireless cabin control system.

PassengersYear of ManufactureMax RangeRestroom Luggage*
92022/232,165 nmYes10 Pieces

*depending on the size of luggage

The Modern Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 in a Showroom - Fractional Jet Ownership

The luxury private jet delivers remarkable speed and an impressive range of up to 2,165 nautical miles, ensuring swift and expansive travel capabilities. All of this, paired with the exceptional service of our highly-trained Luxaviation flight crew, guarantees a world-class private aviation experience.

Who Should Buy Fractional Private Jet Ownership

If you find yourself often waiting in long lines for commercial flights, facing flight cancellations, or being restricted by flight schedules, then fractional ownership could be the perfect solution for you. If you are someone who flies between 70 to 400 hours per year, fractional ownership can offer significant financial advantages over chartering.

This type of ownership enables you to invest in a portion of a private jet, in line with your specific travel needs. You are not just buying flight hours, but also investing in a lifestyle that offers unparalleled flexibility, comfort, and time efficiency. Essentially, you are gaining the benefits of owning a private jet, without bearing the full cost or the responsibility of upkeep and crew management.

Be The Owner of Your Aircraft with The SkyClub Fractional Jet Ownership Programme

We know that everyone's needs are distinct. Full ownership of a jet might be the perfect fit for some, while you might find that fractional ownership suits you better. SkyClub fractional jet ownership is designed for those who are passionate about owning their jet.

Our SkyClub fractional aircraft ownership programme offers the perks and luxury of private aircraft ownership without operational headaches. We handle everything from aircraft, maintenance, and pilots, to owner services. Our extensive experience guarantees you timely flights, experienced pilots, dependable aircraft, and excellent customer service at a competitive price, saving both your time and money.

Luxaviation always aims to develop a model that is custom-made just for you. Our objective is to help you make a decision that aligns with your mission, whether that involves fractional jet ownership, Jet Card, or chartering a jet.

We are always ready to talk about your specific needs. For more information, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to hear about your private travel needs. Our team is ready to provide custom-fit travel solutions for you.