Luxaviation boosts the decarbonization of its operations by 2030 with the introduction of a dedicated “Go-to-Zero” investment fund

14 December 2023
Go-to-Zero: Sustainable Aviation Solution

Luxembourg - In the wake of COP28's conclusion, Luxaviation Group, one of the largest business aircraft and helicopter operators worldwide, announces a bold acceleration of its efforts towards decarbonizing its operations, with a commitment to achieve this milestone no later than 2030. Recognizing that carbon offsetting, while a step in the right direction, is an imperfect solution, Luxaviation is adopting a holistic and aggressive approach to sustainability.

In addition to ongoing initiatives such as electrifying our ground handling equipment and integrating sustainability at the core of our operations, Luxaviation is proud to introduce the “Go-to-zero” Investment Fund. This pioneering fund is dedicated to empowering new technologies, including Renewable Energy Sustainable Aviation Fuels (e-SAF), propelling business aviation towards the goal of Net-Zero Carbon Emissions.

Patrick Hansen, CEO of Luxaviation Group says: “Throughout the group we are investing every effort to understand and reduce our carbon footprint. At the same time, we support developments in new technologies, driving the reduction of carbon emissions. We are fully conscious of the fact that transporting people in general and flying clients to destinations worldwide in particular requests thorough actions today”.

Luxaviation acknowledges that such an ambitious objective cannot be achieved in isolation. We are, therefore, extending an invitation to other key players in the private aviation sector to join this ground-breaking effort. Through collective action and the formation of an alliance, we aim to reach a critical mass that will expedite our journey towards this significant goal.

“The outcomes of COP28 served as a catalyst for our decisive action”, said Hansen. Rather than dwelling on these results, Luxaviation chooses to lead the charge in transforming the business aviation sector into a more sustainable industry. Patrick Hansen continues: “We are confident that our clients and partners will embrace this move and actively participate in the alliance, helping us achieve Net-Zero Carbon Emissions faster than anticipated”.

Luxaviation calls upon all who aspire to see a sustainable transformation in aviation to join them in their "Go-to-Zero" initiative. Inquiries about this ground-breaking investment fund and participation opportunities are welcomed, as the group collectively embarks on its vital journey towards a more sustainable future in aviation.

Go-to-Zero: Join our journey