Luxaviation Completes First Stage Implementation of ForeFlight’s Integrated Product Suite

23 May 2023

Luxaviation announced it has completed deployment of ForeFlight Dispatch to their flight planning teams worldwide. Each of Luxaviation’s AOCs (Air Operator Certificates) will next submit requests for approval from their applicable regulator to use the ForeFlight Mobile app as their sole paperless charting solution in the cockpit, as well as use of ForeFlight Runway Analysis for runway performance and obstacle analysis calculations.

Luxaviation flight planners are now planning and filing flight plans in Dispatch for a combined total of 81 aircraft between their worldwide AOCs, using ForeFlight’s next-generation planning solution to collaboratively dispatch and monitor flights.

Luxaviation initially signed a digital services agreement with ForeFlight last year at the EBACE 2022 event; this deployment of ForeFlight Dispatch to the AOCs represents the first stage in Luxaviation’s full deployment of ForeFlight’s integrated product suite across their operations.

ForeFlight Dispatch goes far beyond enabling flight planners to collaborate, plan, file, and monitor flight plans. From the most basic domestic flights to complex international trips with stringent route constraints, ForeFlight Dispatch produces optimized EUROCONTROL-valid routes with speed and flexibility. Planners using Dispatch quickly discover how much time and effort they save thanks to the system’s automation capabilities, including flexible operational rules for adapting Dispatch to unique operational needs. Finished flight plans are transmitted to pilots directly in ForeFlight Mobile in seconds, complete with detailed briefing documents for them to review right away. This solution is the first in the market to truly integrate a flight planning product and mobile flight deck application, with consistent data seamlessly syncing between the two in real time. This all results in improved collaboration and reduced workloads for flight planners and pilots alike.

“What we needed was a next-generation, ‘plug-and-play’ product to replace our legacy flight planning tools that would increase the connectivity between ground and flight operations,” said Robert Fisch, Chief Aviation Officer of Luxaviation Group. “Having followed ForeFlight since their entrance into the European market, we decided to implement their integrated product suite worldwide. The experience has been a true testament to the passion and engagement of those at ForeFlight; our teams worked well together and our relationship has only grown stronger over the past year. Today, ForeFlight Dispatch has fully replaced our legacy flight planning tools – a giant leap towards the digitisation of our flight operations which has greatly improved the experience of our teams worldwide.”

Luxaviation is one of the inaugural members of ForeFlight’s Development Partnership Program — an initiative that gives select customers the opportunity to collaborate on future innovations in flight operations software under development at ForeFlight. As part of this program, Luxaviation has already contributed to the development of two high-value features for jet operators: Mass and Balance Envelope Curtailment and Ballast Fuel Support. Released earlier this year, both of these features are important milestones in ForeFlight’s rapid development towards a true one-stop-shop for all Business Aviation flight planning.

“It has been truly inspiring to work with Luxaviation over the past year as they roll out ForeFlight Dispatch to their worldwide teams,” said Kim Lantz, Chief Strategy Officer of ForeFlight. “Their steadfast commitment to excellence in operational efficiency and the customer experience is unparalleled, and is even more impressive in light of their size and the highly complex regulatory environment in which they operate. They strive for perfection without compromise, and it shows. Closely collaborating with a premier global operator such as Luxaviation has also been an incredibly valuable experience for our own team, and we’re eager to continue working with and learning from them as they proceed with the next stage of adopting ForeFlight’s fully-integrated product suite.”


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