Luxaviation expands its experiential luxury offerings with the acquisition of La Fugue

05 June 2024

Luxembourg – Luxaviation Group, one of the largest business aircraft, helicopter and  FBO network operators worldwide headquartered in Luxembourg, is proud to announce the full acquisition of La Fugue, an internationally renowned travel agency specialising in exclusive journey experiences focusing on art, culture, music and opera. This strategic takeover marks a significant milestone for Luxaviation, underlining its continued adaptation to the hyper-personalisation trends in luxury travel and its commitment to excellence in customer experience.

What started as a promising partnership in 2020 has grown into a strong strategic alliance with Luxaviation's full acquisition of La Fugue. Emerging trends in luxury travel emphasise that high-end travellers are looking for unique and uncomplicated experiences, keen for their trip to be as exclusive and luxurious as their destination[1]. Luxaviation's acquisition of La Fugue responds to these hyper-personalisation trends and combines Luxaviation's renowned expertise in private aviation with La Fugue's unique know-how in creating tailor-made experiences, offering unique and memorable journeys tailored to the individual preferences of luxury travellers.

Patrick Hansen, CEO of Luxaviation Group, said: ‘Luxaviation’s full ownership is proof of a consolidation of expertise and excellence, placing Luxaviation and La Fugue at the forefront of luxury travel. Together, we are redefining the standards of excellence, opening up infinite possibilities to create journeys that go beyond expectations, turning every moment into a story to be told, every detail into a note in the score of luxury.’

Chloé Lefèvre, who joined La Fugue 10 years ago, has been promoted from Executive Director to CEO. Chloé Lefèvre says: ‘Luxaviation and La Fugue share a common vision: to create unforgettable moments for every customer. Together, we will continue to orchestrate unique emotional and sensory experiences and exceptional journeys for our travelers.’

La Fugue was founded in 1981 by Frédéric Pfeffer, a passionate music lover, with a mission to create tailor-made trips focusing on culture, art and music.

[1] Deloitte study ‘Future of Luxury Travel 2023’

About La Fugue:

For over four decades, La Fugue, creator of journeys and composer of events, has been a craftsman of unique expertise, turning every moment into a work of art. The team of travel craftsmen, endowed with exceptional savoir-faire, asserts its place at the heart of creation.

La Fugue imagines exceptional stories and the most beautiful moments in which the artistic universe, unusual locations and your desires are the notes of a delicately composed score.

La Fugue can achieve the unattainable by privatizing a usually impenetrable palace, organizing a musical surprise in the heart of the desert or offering a dinner for two in a museum amidst works of art. Join and share the magic of exceptional places, experience moments with major artistic and cultural players or discover the backstage of the finest shows, the studios of great artists and carefully chosen destinations.

La Fugue, Artisans of Travel

Further information:

Luxaviation Collection by La Fugue

A special curation for Luxaviation, constructed around the season, exhibitions and occasions to witness. Our selection of the events & places not to miss.

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