Private Jet Charter to Scandinavia for Nordic Adventure

16 July 2024

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Scandinavia is renowned for its stunning landscapes, from the majestic fjords of Norway to the serene archipelagos of Sweden and the enchanting Lapland wilderness in Finland. Travellers around the globe are drawn to its unique combination of contemporary elegance and historical charm, making it a premier destination for everyone seeking an exclusive getaway.  

Scandinavia offers something special in every season. Summer and the endless daylight hours for outdoor adventures like hiking, sailing, and appreciating the stunning coastline, fields and the mix of classic and avant-garde architecture. The fall offers a spectacular colour symphony as the foliage dances while partaking in harvest festivals and cultural events. 

Winter goes beyond the magic of the Northern Lights, skiing in the mountains, a cozy evening by the fire, dogsledding or an outdoor sauna where relaxation embrace nature. Spring brings the beauty of blossoming flowers and longer days perfect for exploring cities, art museums and countryside alike. No matter the time of year, Scandinavia beckons with its natural beauty, rich culture, architectural wonders, art scene and endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. 

For the discerning traveller, Luxaviation’s bespoke private jet charter services allow guests to explore Scandinavia's hidden gems with utmost comfort and privacy. 

Luxaviation invites you to embrace Scandinavia's enchanting landscapes and vibrant artistic scenes. This exclusive travel experience promises to satisfy your wanderlust and immerse you in Northern Europe's timeless beauty and cultural depth. Here are the best destinations and activities that should be on your bucket list when visiting Scandinavia!

Norway's Majestic Arctic Splendour

Norway's Arctic splendour promises a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. 

Oslo, The Capital City of Norway

In Norway, Oslo, ranging from medieval wooden structures to elegant 19th-century buildings and modern Scandinavian design, the city is a blend of old and new, with traditional architecture interspersed with modern skyscrapers, glass facades, and innovative urban developments.  

The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art is a contemporary art museum located in Oslo, Norway. Situated on the Tjuvholmen peninsula, overlooking the Oslo Fjord, the museum is renowned for its impressive collection of modern and contemporary art from both Norwegian and international artists. The museum's striking architecture, designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, is itself a work of art.


The Oslo Opera House, known as the Operahuset in Norwegian, is an iconic architectural marvel and cultural landmark designed by the renowned Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta. It has a notable acoustic that creates stunning high-quality music and opera productions.  

The Stave Church from Gol is one of the main attractions at Norsk Folkemuseum (Norwegian Museum of Cultural History), this wooden structure with beautiful and intricated carvings has survived more than 800 years. 

A Journey Through the Heart of the Fjords 

Explore Norway's iconic fjords like Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, UNESCO World Heritage sites known for their breathtaking beauty. Enjoy kayaking, hiking, and scenic cruises amidst towering cliffs and cascading waterfalls, immersing yourself in the serene landscapes.

Witness the Majestic Northern Lights 

Behold the enchanting Aurora Borealis in prime locations such as Tromsø, Svalbard, and Alta. Luxurious igloo stays and private lodges enhance your experience, offering warmth and comfort while you marvel at the celestial displays in Norway's clear, Arctic skies.


In Svalbard, Norway’s northern archipelago, experience the enchantment of the Polar Night, where day and night merge into one. Svalbard's treeless slopes make it a prime skiing destination to witness the aurora borealis in broad daylight.

Lofoten Islands - Nature's Winter Wonderland

The Lofoten Islands offer a unique winter landscape with majestic peaks, open sea, and sheltered bays. Engage in cod fishing, hiking, and wildlife safaris. The charming fishing villages and vibrant local culture add to the allure of this remote paradise.

Luxurious Escapes in Sweden

Sweden is a land of exquisite beauty and cultural richness. From the sophisticated urban charm of Stockholm to the serene wilderness of Swedish Lapland, this Scandinavian gem caters to discerning travellers seeking both adventure and relaxation.

From Stockholm to Swedish Lapland 

Known as the "Venice of the North," Stockholm's charm lies in its stunning waterways and archipelago. Visit historical sites and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage by exploring the Nationalmuseum and The Thiel Gallery. These landmarks provide a profound connection to Sweden's artistic legacy, showcasing works from prominent artists that span centuries.  

It was built on a cluster of fourteen islands by the Baltic Sea. The Royal Palace in Stockholm is an impressive example of Baroque architecture. The historic district, Gamla Stan is characterized by narrow cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and well-preserved medieval architecture. Heading to Skeppsholmen, visit the Moderna Museet, it houses Swedish and international modern and contemporary art, including pieces by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí and a model of the Tatlin's Tower 

The museum's collection also features significant pieces by artists like Marcel Duchamp, Louise Bourgeois, Niki de Saint Phalle, Henri Matisse, and Robert Rauschenberg. This museum has an outstanding outdoor collection in the park on the island where you can enjoy the warmer season while walking between trees and art, a magical experience.  

Venture to Swedish Lapland for a breathtaking journey where the Northern Lights paint the sky with vibrant hues. Experience the indigenous Sami culture and enjoy stays in luxurious accommodations.

The Beautiful City of Malmo

The city of Malmö awaits with a flourishing and robust art scene is present, visiting the Moderna Museet and the Malmö Konstmuseum, the paradise of contemporary art lovers, a sensational start for your Swedish exploration. Nature enthusiasts will feast the senses in the Willow Pond Park, former city water reserves and the Malmö Castle gigantic park. During summer, enjoy the harvest festivals, floristry workshops and festive ambiance. 

Island Hopping Adventures 

Sweden's thousands of islands, especially within the Stockholm Archipelago, offer an unparalleled escape. Engage in luxury yacht charters that navigate through crystal-clear waters, partake in island tours, and indulge in waterfront dining experiences. These islands present a tranquil retreat, each with its own unique charm and beauty, making every visit a unique adventure. 

Finland's Arctic Adventures and Art Culture

Finland is home to thousands of lakes, dense forests, and expansive wilderness areas that provide the perfect backdrop for exclusive Arctic adventures. 

Aurora Hunting and Wildlife Exploration 

Finnish Lapland is a dream destination for witnessing the mesmerising Northern Lights. Locations like Rovaniemi, Luosto, and Ylläs are prime spots for aurora hunting. Beyond the lights, Lapland's diverse wildlife includes reindeer, Arctic foxes, and Siberian jays, adding to the region's allure. 

Reindeer Safaris, Husky Sledging, and Bear Watching 

Experience the thrill of reindeer safaris and husky sledging. These quintessential Arctic activities offer a deep connection with the region's indigenous culture. For wildlife enthusiasts, bear-watching tours provide a rare glimpse into the lives of Finland's majestic creatures in their natural habitat. 

Santa Claus Village and Dog Sledging 

Rovaniemi, known as the official hometown of Santa Claus, offers a magical visit to Santa Claus Village. Dog sledging with adorable huskies through the snow-covered landscapes creates unforgettable memories, blending adventure with the enchantment of the Arctic. 

Helsinki - A Hub of Art and Design 

In the happiest country of the world, discover Helsinki, one of Europe’s most modern and culturally progressive cities that remains in touch with an intriguing history stretching over 450 years. Whether you are interested in classical art, contemporary works, design, or public art, Helsinki offers a wealth of cultural experiences for art lovers. Ateneum Art Museum showcases Finnish and international classics, while Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art presents cutting-edge works. 


Helsinki Art Museum (HAM) spans traditional to avant-garde, Design Museum celebrates Finnish design, and Amos Rex offers immersive experiences. Galleries in the Design District spotlight emerging talent. Mark your calendar for the Helsinki Biennial in 2025. Next year, this international art event will bring outstanding contemporary art to Vallisaari Island and HAM Helsinki Art Museum during the summer months. 

Tailor-Made Experiences with La Fugue

La Fugue, part of the Luxaviation Group, is renowned for crafting unforgettable cultural journeys. The expertise of La Fugue in curating unique experiences ensures that each trip is rich with cultural and artistic significance. Clients can enjoy private viewings at prestigious museums, attend exclusive concerts, and engage with local artists and musicians, all tailored to their personal preferences. 

Imagine exploring the vibrant art scene in Helsinki, attending the Arctic Chamber Music Festival in Norway, or enjoying a private guided tour of the Thiel Gallery in Stockholm. These experiences are designed to provide a deeply personal and enriching adventure, ensuring that every moment of your journey is memorable and unique. 

Charter a Private Jet to Scandinavia

Luxaviation’s private jet flights redefine luxury travel by focusing on the highest standards of service and personalization. From the initial inquiry to the final destination, every aspect of your journey is meticulously planned and executed. Whether you’re planning an adventure under the Northern Lights or a sophisticated art tour in Stockholm, Luxaviation’s dedicated team is committed to making every journey unforgettable. 

Enjoy the serenity of private aircraft charter flights to Scandinavia, avoiding the hassles of commercial airport terminals and focusing entirely on your luxurious Scandinavian adventure. 

Contact us today for luxurious private jet journeys through Scandinavia, combining the best of nature and art for an unforgettable experience.