The Female Force: reshaping the superyacht industry's career landscape.

09 September 2020

Charlotte’s career turns all preconceptions of stereotypical male occupations upside down. She was Denmark’s first female applicant to become a military pilot and 30 years on, is CEO of Luxaviation Helicopters active in helicopter support and services for the superyacht industry.

“I was introduced to the yachting industry when I joined the luxury aviation sector after my military flying career in helicopter search & rescue and medical flying. I had also spent some time in regulatory oversight as an inspector for the civil aviation authorities. This experience in combination with my Masters in Business proved to be a unique mix that perfectly served the needs of the superyacht sector. It is certainly not as unusual to see female CEO’s and female pilots as it was 30 years ago but it is by no means the norm. Thankfully more and more women are entering the aviation industry, which like the superyacht industry, has always been a more male-dominated world. When I started my military career, people were probably more sceptical than surprised. Unconvinced of the idea of female pilots let alone female military pilots. Today, my career is still met with surprise but also with interest, fascination and respect. It is after all an unusual career!”