Luxaviation launches new fully integrated customer platform to enable real-time charter travel management

27 September 2022

Luxembourg, 13 September 2022 - Luxaviation, one of the largest private aircraft operators in the world headquartered in Luxembourg, is proud to announce the successful roll-out of a new fully integrated online management system to facilitate real-time travel management for its customers.

The system has been conceived to provide a single point of contact that enables all Luxaviation Group clients to access one of the most comprehensive customer experience platforms available online. The Luxaviation customer portal integrates an advanced aircraft specification application, intelligent empty-leg management with social sharing and a seamless booking tool, while providing an innovative hub to view and manage requests, quotes and bookings in real time. All of these features work in a synchronised and seamless way and are now accessible worldwide.

The interactive management system is the result of extensive research into the world's leading airline platforms, in order to provide a tailor-made solution that responds to market needs. This scalable system has been partly developed in-house and can therefore be adjusted instantly to meet emerging trends in the aviation industry.

Pieter Steyn, Chief Information Officer of Luxaviation, comments: "Our new one-stop online client platform with its wide range of applications is a significant achievement in the ever-changing aviation world. We are delighted to introduce this exciting and competitive technology to our customers to provide a complete, intuitive and user-friendly experience.”

In line with the company's commitment to its social, ecological and economic responsibilities to society, Luxaviation's new platform enables customers to carbon offset any flight, and book with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in locations where it is currently available.

integrated online management system
interactive management system