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Luxaviation San Marino

Luxaviation San Marino, operational since 2 January 2018, gives business jet and helicopter owners a solution for aircraft registration, asset management and commercial operation. The AOC is operated under San Marino Civil Aviation Rules and the Luxaviation Group’s safety regulations and benefits from the Group’s internal resources, expertise and knowledge. Luxaviation San Marino attracts customers from around the world and gives them the possibility to register FAA, EASA and Transport Canada (among others) certified airplanes and helicopters. Another major asset is the pragmatism and cost structure of the local Civil Aviation Authority and the registry.

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Luxaviation San Marino

Via XXVIII Luglio, n.99; 47893 Borgo Maggiore (RSM)

T: +378 0549 96391

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1 Midsize Jet

Midsize Jet
130 cft
3200 mi

1 Challenger 350

106 cft
3070 mi

T7-DNKChallenger 350

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Luxaviation San Marino - Your Regional Team
Luxaviation San Marino - Your Regional Team