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24 November 2023

In private aviation, discerning travellers often seek the most flexible solutions for their flying needs. Luxaviation's Try & Fly Jet Card emerges as a premier choice and offers unparalleled and personalised service and operational excellence. This innovative programme, designed by one of the world's leading private aviation groups, caters to both regular charter clients and those new to the concept of private jet travel. 

A private jet card, like the exclusive Try & Fly Jet Card offered by Luxaviation Belgium, represents a significant leap in convenience and efficiency for frequent flyers. It simplifies access to private flights by allowing cardholders to utilise a range of aircraft at pre-set, fixed hourly rates. 

 Try & Fly Jet Card offered by Luxaviation Belgium, represents a significant leap in convenience and efficiency for frequent flyers.

This approach not only streamlines the booking process but also introduces a level of predictability in pricing, often a challenge in the charter market. Whether for business, leisure, or urgent travel, our Try & Fly Jet Card positions itself as a practical and elegant solution, aligning with the varied and dynamic needs of today’s private jet charter traveller. 

What is a Private Jet Card Programme?

 Try & Fly Jet Card streamlines the approach to private air travel, functioning as a pre-payment system.

A private jet card programme is a streamlined approach to private air travel, functioning essentially as a pre-payment system for those seeking the luxury and convenience of private flights. 

Instead of arranging individual charters for each trip, a jet cardholder utilises the card to fly using pre-purchased hours at a fixed rate or against deposited funds. This model offers a hassle-free alternative to the traditional charter booking process. 

Central to the jet card's appeal is its ability to grant access to a specific type of aircraft at a predetermined hourly rate. This feature is particularly advantageous for frequent flyers who prefer consistency and predictability in their travel experiences. 

By pre-buying hours, cardholders streamline their travel arrangements and also bypass the complexities and costs associated with aircraft ownership, such as maintenance and operational expenses. The jet card thus stands out as a practical solution for those contemplating aircraft ownership or seeking a more efficient way to manage their regular private travel. 

The Benefits of Luxaviation Belgium's Try & Fly Jet Card Programme

Unmatched Flexibility 

Luxaviation's Try & Fly Jet Card Programme redefines flexibility in private aviation. Cardholders are empowered to create bespoke travel experiences, selecting their preferred timing, date, and destination. This level of personalisation caters to both the demanding schedules of business travellers and the leisure preferences of holidaymakers, ensuring that each journey aligns perfectly with their requirements.

Cardholders are empowered to create bespoke travel experiences, whether for business or pleasure.

A standout feature of this programme is the access it provides to over 2,000 small airports worldwide. These airports are often closer to final destinations than major commercial hubs, significantly reducing travel time and enhancing convenience. 

Efficiency is another hallmark of the Try & Fly Jet Card. Cardholders can arrive just 15 minutes before departure, swiftly check-in, and pass through security, streamlining their travel experience. 

Safety and Privacy 

The Try & Fly Jet Card Programme prioritises safety and privacy, setting new standards in private aviation. The programme ensures a tranquil travel experience by offering access to private and discreet departure lounges. These lounges replace the often crowded and hectic environment of public airport terminals, providing a serene and secure space for passengers before their flight. 

The Try & Fly Jet Card Program prioritise privacy, ensuring a tranquil travel experience by offering access to private and discreet departure lounges.

Personalization extends to the choice of travel companions. Cardholders have the autonomy to decide who joins them on their journey, allowing for a more tailored and intimate flying experience. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who prefer to travel in a familiar company, whether for business discussions or family leisure. 

Moreover, Luxaviation's commitment to safety is reflected in our rigorous Quality Management System, which exceeds industry standards. We carefully vet every operator, aircraft, and crew for safety and compliance to ensure peace of mind for every flight.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance 

Try & Fly Jet Card Programme offers robust travel insurance, providing cardholders with exceptional support during emergencies. Whether facing family matters, business emergencies, pandemic-related issues, or meteorological events, the programme is equipped to respond swiftly and efficiently. 

The key feature of this insurance is the rapid response capability. Luxaviation's Charter Experts are available around the clock, ready to address and manage emergent situations. Their commitment is to propose viable travel solutions within an hour, regardless of the cardholder's global location. 

This emergency response benefit is bolstered by Luxaviation's extensive worldwide network. The network comprises numerous partners and resources, all accessible through the Jet Card. This extensive coverage ensures that cardholders have reliable and immediate assistance whenever and wherever the need arises, adding a layer of security and reassurance to their travel experience. 

Luxaviation Belgium Try & Fly Jet Card Programme Offers

The Luxaviation Belgium Try & Fly Jet Card Programme provides an attractive offer for private jet travellers. It includes 5 flight hours on the Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2. Our private aviation product presents a valuable opportunity for those seeking premium travel experiences. 

Experience the Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2

This jet card is valid for two years, offering considerable flexibility for occasional flyers. A unique aspect of this programme is the reimbursement policy. If there's a remaining balance on the card after your trip, Luxaviation reimburses the equivalent of up to one flight hour, ensuring value for every euro spent. 

Card Holders also gain access to Luxaviation's weekly list of empty legs. This access provides opportunities to travel by private jet at significantly discounted prices. The availability of these empty legs depends on factors like flight profile, schedule, and aircraft availability. 

With a minimal initial investment, Luxaviation’s Belgium offer promises maximum returns in terms of flexibility, comfort, and efficiency. 

Luxaviation's Try & Fly Jet Card Advantages

Enjoy the predictability and simplicity of pre-determined rates for each flight hour. With Luxaviation's Try & Fly Jet Card, you're billed based on actual flight time. This is important to consider because you only pay for what you truly use.  

Unlike ad-hoc charters that estimate and charge a fixed price based on block time, our billing for real flight time – with taxi time completely free of charge – can lead to significant savings.  

Our transparent pricing model can result in a 5-10% cost reduction on intra-European flights. It makes our jet card programme a financially savvy choice for our clients. 


Our cardholders receive the following advantages:
Exclusive Fleet Access:

Members have dedicated access to a select range of high-quality aircraft.

No Long-Term Commitment:

Experience the freedom of private aviation without being tied to a long-term contract.

Aircraft Type Interchangeability:

Choose from various aircraft types for different trips.

Top-Tier Safety Standards:

Safety is paramount, with stringent protocols ensuring a secure flying experience.

Access to Private Terminals:

Utilise VIP terminals for a more seamless and private travel experience.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate for the Try & Fly Programme

Are you an ideal candidate for the Try & Fly Card Program?
  • If you fly privately a few times a year, the Try & Fly Programme offers a flexible solution to fit your infrequent but important travel needs. 
  • Those curious about private jet travel and its benefits will find the Try & Fly Programme an excellent introduction, providing a taste of luxury flying with minimal commitment. 
  • If your business trips require flexibility, privacy, and efficiency, this programme aligns well with your professional travel requirements. 
  • For leisure journeys that demand luxury and comfort, the Try & Fly Programme enhances your travel experience with its bespoke services. 
  • In cases of urgent travel, whether for family or business emergencies, the programme’s rapid response and global network make it a suitable choice. 
  • Regular charter users who seek more predictable pricing and streamlined booking processes will appreciate the fixed-rate, pre-paid model of the Try & Fly Programme. 
  • If you enjoy the exclusivity and bespoke services of luxury travel, this programme offers a high-end experience with added value through its unique features like access to empty-leg flights.

Secure Your Jet Card Membership With Luxaviation

Embrace the freedom of travel with Luxaviation Belgium's Try & Fly Jet Card, a programme designed for those who value flexibility and convenience in their journeys. Our Jet Card programme unlocks the ability to travel whenever and wherever you wish, all at a predetermined, fixed rate. 

Luxaviation’s customer service team is readily available to address any queries about the programme. They can assist in customising your private jet card to suit your specific travel needs, ensuring a seamless and luxurious flying experience. Contact us today for more information about our programme.