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Luxaviation UK is an award-winning trusted provider of aviation services for business leaders, celebrities, government departments and private individuals.

With a diverse fleet of business jets, Luxaviation UK is one of Europe’s largest executive aircraft charter operators. Previously named Best General Aviation Operator in the Baltic Air Charter Association’s Excellence Awards six times and won Gold Awards in the Executive Aircraft category from Buying Business Travel magazine.

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Stapleford Airport

Stapleford Tawney

T: +44 1708 688 420
E: [email protected]

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The History of Luxaviation United Kingdom

Founded in 1996 with a single piston engine aircraft, London Executive Aviation has rapidly grown to become one of Europe’s largest executive air charter operators. Its diverse fleet of predominantly jet aircraft includes many of the most desirable and efficient airplanes in service today, ideally suited to the requirements of business or leisure. LEA has long been at the forefront of UK business aviation. LEA were the first executive air charter firm to obtain European Joint Aviation Authority certification and also the first operator in Europe to introduce the entry-level Citation Mustang into charter service. LEA is now trading as Luxaviation United Kingdom.


LEA founded

Founded by Patrick Margetson-Rushmore, George Galanopoulos and Amanda Galanopoulos with a single piston engine aircraft based at Stapleford Airport, United Kingdom



First executive air charter firm to obtain European Joint Aviation Authority Air Operators Certificate



LEA 1st UK operator of the Citation Excel



First Legacy 600 joins the LEA fleet. Today the fleet stands at 8 Legacy 600/650s, the largest non-fractional operator in the world.



First time LEA wins Best General Aviation Operator at the Baltic Air Charter Associations Excellence Awards. (LEA continued to win this award in subsequent years: 2007, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015)



First Operator in Europe to introduce the entry-level Citation Mustang into charter service


LEA joins Luxaviation Group

Luxaviation acquires majority share of London Executive Aviation


London Executive Aviation becomes Luxaviation United Kingdom

The fleet of Luxaviation United Kingdom

Compare Aircraft by:

1 Ultra Long Range Jet

Ultra Long Range Jet
195 cft
7700 mi

1 Global 6000

195 cft
5900 mi

G-FOMOGlobal 6000

5 Large Jet

Large Jet
286 cft
4500 mi

2 Embraer Legacy 600

131 cft
3272 mi

G-KGKGEmbraer Legacy 600


G-LEGCEmbraer Legacy 600

1 Embraer Legacy 650

286 cft
3800 mi

LX-TROEmbraer Legacy 650

1 Falcon 2000EX EASy

127 cft
4000 mi

G-YFOXFalcon 2000EX EASy

1 Falcon 2000LXS

127 cft
4000 mi

G-SMSMFalcon 2000LXS

4 Midsize Jet

Midsize Jet
155 cft
4018 mi

1 Cessna Citation XL

79 cft
1800 mi

G-SIRSCessna Citation XL

1 Cessna Citation XLS

79 cft
1800 mi

G-LEAXCessna Citation XLS

1 Cessna Citation XLS+

90 cft
2138 mi

G-GAALCessna Citation XLS+

1 Embraer Praetor 600

155 cft
4018 mi

G-ENRGEmbraer Praetor 600

1 Light Jet

Light Jet
90 cft
2700 mi

1 Embraer Phenom 300

85 cft
2200 mi

G-JAGAEmbraer Phenom 300

Luxaviation United Kingdom - Awardwinning charter operator

Awardwinning charter operator

Luxaviation UK invests heavily in its aircraft, people and processes to uphold international practice; earning it 'Best General Aviation Operator' at the prestigious Baltic Air Charter Association (BACA) Excellence Awards six out of the last nine years. These principles, and George and Patrick's stewardship, have led London Executive Aviation to become one of Europe's largest executive air charter operators.

Your Regional Team

Environmentally Conscious

Luxaviation UK is embedding sustainability at the core of our business.


Luxaviation UK are proud to be accredited members of Wyvern and BBGA.
These are all industry leaders in providing aviation safety information and aviation information collection, analysis and distribution.

Wyvern Aviation Safety Intelligence
Wyvern Aviation Safety Intelligence

Wyvern established in 1991 sets the standards for ensuring safety of part 135 Operators, Air Crew and Aircrafts. They are a global leader in aviation safety auditing, consulting and information service. Luxaviation UK have been members since 1998 ensuring the highest standards in aviation safety is met. Wyvern develop programs that far exceed the FAA standards. London Executive Aviation's Wyvern certificate

British Business and General Aviation Association
British Business and General Aviation Association

BBGA's function is to support, protect and promote the growth and well-being of a profitable General and Business Aviation industry in Britain and they achieve this by representation, campaigning, monitoring, co-operation, promotion and information. In addition, they have extensive representation in Europe as a founder member and chair of the European Council for General Aviation Support.

Baltic Air Charter Association
Baltic Air Charter Association

The Baltic Air Charter Association (or BACA) is the largest air charter industry association in the world.

UK Air Operators Certificate
UK Air Operators Certificate

Any individual, organisation or Company that wishes to operate an aircraft for the purpose of Commercial Air transport must, by law, obtain an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Jet Management Services

Our aircraft management service allows you all the benefits of aircraft ownership, but with none of the time-consuming management responsibilities involved in aircraft operations.

Jet Management Services