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Luxaviation Germany of what it is today, was born from the vision of Phd. Dr. Dirk H. Bruse and Joachim Krueger, two aviation experts with a combined private aviation experience of more than 40 years.

Historically, since its foundation in 2006, Fairjets AG has been a pioneer on the German business aviation market and has rapidly expanded its state-of-the-art aircraft fleet over the years. In 2013, Luxaviation Group acquires Fairjets, retaining its management and base in Paderborn sharing competencies and best practices to create a healthy basis for future growth.

Their services and expertise include aircraft management, aircraft charter and aircraft sales. They are able to operate unrestricted flights to, from and within the United States with the U.S. Part 129 Approval.

Luxaviation Germany has the comfort of several bilateral agreements between the aviation authorities from the following countries; Italy, Austria, Sweden, Spain and Denmark.
This results in a very fast moving process from your previous operator, to Luxaviation Germany, as well as allowing the registration of your aircraft to remain the same.

Contact Information

Office Location Paderborn

Lindberghring 6a
33142 Bueren

T: +49 2955 74882 28
E: [email protected]

Charter Requests

T: +49 2955 74882 242
E: [email protected]

Aircraft Management Requests

T: +49 2955 74882 210
E: [email protected]

Impressions from Luxaviation Germany

The History of Luxaviation Germany



FairJets founded

Foundation of FairJets


Acquisition of Dix Aviation (Fleet: one citation, one King Air)


Implementation of the FairJets concept


Entering the long haul market with first factory-new Gulfstream G550


Fairjets joins Luxaviation Group

Fairjets joins Luxaviation Group


March: Management of further aircraft such as Citation VII, Premier 1 and Citation Jet CJ 3
Another Challenger 300, Citation XLS/Excel and Sovereign
Fleet reaches 16 aircraft


two Gulfstream G550
one Global Express added to the FairJets Fleet


FairJets Operations assume responsibility of the 24 hour Operation Support for both fleets, Germany and Luxembourg (20 aircraft)


Name change and complete re-branding into Luxaviation Germany GmbH

The fleet of Luxaviation Germany

Compare Aircraft by:

1 Ultra Long Range Jet

Ultra Long Range Jet
195 cft
7700 mi

1 Gulfstream G450

168 cft
4350 mi

OE-ITCGulfstream G450

1 Large Jet

Large Jet
286 cft
4500 mi

1 Fairchild Dornier 328 Jet

225 cft
1400 mi

D-BSEAFairchild Dornier 328 Jet

3 Light Jet

Light Jet
90 cft
2700 mi

1 Cessna Citation CJ2

67 cft
1874 mi

D-ICBACessna Citation CJ2

1 Cessna Citation M2

43 cft
1000 mi

D-IBLUCessna Citation M2

1 Cessna Citation M2 Gen2

45 cft
1550 mi

D-IXONCessna Citation M2 Gen2

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